The overview history of Film Festival

Film festivals, usually an annual gathering of the film industry, are used to evaluate new or excellent movies. Many new, independent films were released at the 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival. Sponsored by national or local governments, industry, service agencies, experimental film groups or individual sponsors, these festivals provide opportunities for filmmakers, publishers, critics and other interested parties to participate in film screenings and meet to discuss current films. Art development. During the festival, dealers can purchase movies that they believe can be successfully sold in their own country.


The first film festival was held in Venice in 1932. The theme of the Venice Film Festival at that time was anti-fascism and anti-war. Since the Second World War, the film festival has made significant contributions to the development of the film industry in many countries. The popularity of Italian films at the Cannes and Venice Film Festival played an important role in the rebirth of Italian industry and the spread of the post-war Neo-Realist movement. In 1951, Rashomon of Kurosawa Akira won the Golden Lion Award in Venice, focusing on Japanese movies. In the same year, the first American Art Film Festival in Woodstock, New York, stimulated the American art film movement.


The Cannes Film Festival is probably the most famous and noteworthy event in hundreds of film festivals held each spring. Since 1947, people interested in film have gathered in this small resort town to participate in official and informal film screenings. Other important festivals in Berlin, Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Toronto, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Park City (Utah, USA), Hong Kong, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Venice Held. Some film festivals only show movies from their own country. Since the late 1960s, student filmmakers have also had special festivals. Others are highly specialized, such as those who only feature underwater photography or those who are involved in a particular subject.


The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), the film festival is held in Melbourne every July and August. This is Australia’s largest film festival.


The festival began in 1952 and is located near Olinda, Victoria. Several film associations in Victoria have collaborated on a program that highlights the types of films that are rarely seen in local movies. The first film festival features films from around the world, including films from Russia, China and Canada. Although the organizers expected a low turnout rate, they sold about 800 tickets. In order to accommodate more viewers, the festival moved to Melbourne in 1953. MIFF eventually settled in downtown locations, including the Australian Mobile Imaging Center.


MIFF generally runs for 17 days and can attract about 200,000 people. Many of the participants are film lovers, but the film festival also includes a four-day conference called 37°South Market, where filmmakers, publishers, producers and other industry insiders can contact and participate in seminars. Meetings and lectures. The festival continues to showcase movies from around the world, showing about 400 movies and short films.




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One of the largest learning events in Australia: the 2018 Melbourne International film festival

In times that are anything but ordinary, the filmmakers who infuse our world with perspective through storytelling continue to elevate their craft. And the film festival be will the biggest festival for them every year.


The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a paradise for film lovers to visit the international premiere, red carpet charm and the best global movie play. Founded in 1952, the Melbourne International Film Festival is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the most important film festival in Australia. An iconic Melbourne event, held annually in the heart of the city, offers a highly acclaimed screening program along with industry and celebrations.


MIFF showcases the best movies from around the world, as well as reviews, contributions and discussion plans. Since its inception, MIFF has also been dedicated to local film: Australia’s largest film show and the nation’s most prestigious carnival for emerging and local filmmakers. The festival also hosted the world premiere of many local films.


The 67th MIFF ran from 2-19 August 2018. The festival offers various prizes. Short films are recognized in several categories, including the Grand Prix for Best Short Film and the Award for Best Australian Short Film. The Most Popular prizes are audience choice awards for feature films and documentaries.


This year’s MIFF has screened more than 300 films, bringing a rich cultural experience to the people of Melbourne and is a warm sun in this winter. As a student of the film festival, I have learned a lot while participating in this activity. There are many processes in organizing a film festival, and film is at the heart of the festival. Winning the prize is not the sole purpose of the directors participating in the festival. This feast is more like a celebration in the film industry. Interestingly, anyone who is interested in the film can participate in the film festival. In this way, we are all closer to the art of film. If a city holds a film festival every year, it must be a very cultural city, like Melbourne.


We have all learned that the programming of a film festival contains: discover films, find audiences, curatorship/exhibition, sponsorship/marketing, purpose/objective of the festival, find audiences and cater to a loyal audience. As the organizer of the film festival, we must pursue the growth of the audience and the quality of the festival.


The propaganda before the film festival is also inseparable from a lot of money. I noticed that MIFF had a variety of different forms of publicity before it was held. I also received a photo album of the event. These are all attracted to me. And the film festival has absorbed movies from all over the world, many of which are Chinese independent films that I am looking forward to. And MIFF has launched many links in order to increase the participation of the audience. For example, scoring a movie can earn a reward, and so on.

MIFF has many merits worth learning from the Chinese film festival organizers.

By: Yuqiu Zhang —- 28996399

The impact of the film festival on Chinese independent films ————From the view of Chinese independent film “Angels Wear White”


In August, I went to watch a Chinese independent film called “Angels Wear White” at the Melbourne International Film Festival. This is the first time I watched the film by attend a film festival, I felt it had a huge difference between watching movies in the cinema. After this, I think the film festival may be the best opportunity for these kind of niche movies to be discovered…MIFF2018_Festival Guide-17

This film was nominated for the “Golden Lion Award” in the main competition at the 74th Venice Film Festival. At the 54th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, it was nominated for the Best Drama of the “Golden Horse Awards”. And also nominated for the best film at the 12th Asian Film Awards. But this film bombed at the box office in China. For the director, his excellent work can only be recognized by a small number of people. And the participation in the film festival changed the fate of his work. The film festival let the public know about the film and spread his ideas to all parts of the world.


The subject of this film is a very sensitive social crime case. It tells the story of sexual assault on minors by senior Chinese officials, and adapted from real events. Presenting such a story on the film screen is undoubtedly made every Chinese people felt heavy. But the director makes the film show on a very subtle perspective, and the restoration of reality has also triggered the audience’s thinking.


As far as my own feelings are concerned, watching this movie at the Melbourne International Film Festival made me feel very touched. I have seen this movie in the online channel before, but watch it again in different environment make me better agree to this film. I think the change in my feeling of the film is caused by the atmosphere of the film festival.


The Melbourne International Film Festival is a mature and large-scale feast. The screening of the film was in a very vintage and old theatre, this makes me feel very ceremonial. Because it was a Chinese movie, I though the local audience will be very few when I buy the ticket. Unexpectedly, the theatre was packed and most of them were Australians. The staff of the Melbourne International Film Festival was on site and every audience present was watching it seriously, no one was talking and everyone expresses respect for the film. At the end of the film, applause was also presented. I have never experienced this situation before, and such praise must be a heartfelt recognition.


I was infected by this atmosphere, watching the movie with the feelings of the protagonist in the movie, and even crying for her. I felt that the film festival gives the soul to a film which make it easily to be recognized.

The picture below is one of the moving scenes in the film.


After the film, I talked to an Australian lady in the neighbourhood about the feeling of this film. She said that she knows China in-depth by this film. Prior to this, her impression of China was only in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, and she said that such profound social problems also existed in Australia. She liked the way the director disclosed the evil reality, and also liked the literary film like this. This shows that the Melbourne International Film Festival helped “Angels Wear White” to gain the recognition of the international audience and also making such a niche movie more exposed.


By: Yuqiu Zhang —- 28996399

The significance of participating in the international film festival

The international film festival is a grand event for the exhibition of film art and technology achievements from all over the world. Film festivals usually set up an international evaluation committee to make choice for the participate films, award prizes both for films and their authors (including directors, screenwriters, actors, photographers, composers, editors, costumes, artists, special effects, etc.). International Film Festival held great significance to the development of world film.


More and more international film festivals around the world are constantly emerging. For the director and the film, the film festival is meaningful, or is it just a waste of money? From the content and form of the film festival to say, it is multifarious. In addition to the red carpet and awards, there are many different modules in the festival. For the public, the film festival is a feast for watching movies. But for film and the director, it will be the best way to do an international exchange in the film industry.


As a director, attending the International Film Festival can gain popularity and increase box office. As a movie actor, the festival can increase exposure of themselves. These are all the values brought by the film festival. However, the most important significance of the International Film Festival is to provide a platform for communication. This platform is fair and open, dedicated to showing the style of different film works, discovering and tapping potential people, things and items. In this way, the participators will exchange topics which about the film industry and affirm the results that are obvious to all. Ultimately, the entire industry is moving in a positive direction.


And, the true value of a film is not whether it is popular or not. The most popularity literature does not mean that it is a real literature. The existence of the film festival allows more film which are not concerned by the public to find people who truly understand it. Like the words said, “The next Bob Dylan will be very different from Bob Dylan”. Film allows more possibilities to be presented.


The Venice Film Festival in Italy is one of the most well-known and most internationally recognized film festivals. As the earliest international film festival, its intent is to improve the industry, explore and encourage industry innovation. At the same time, the significance of the festival will be reflected in politics. Just like the Venice Film Festival, it does serve politics directly; and the Cannes Film Festival is also held because of its opposition to the theme of fascism; not to mention the Berlin Film Festival has the strongest political inclination since its inception. So, the international film festival has a very important role: to form an industry consensus. This consensus will affect the participants and audiences who influence all aspects of the film.


Therefore, participate in the International Film Festival has great significance. This is not only for films and directors, but also for every general public.