Differences Lead to Loneliness: The Legend of 1900

I just want to talk about the character, 1900.


Everyone called him a genius, and everyone was crazy about it. 1900, from the possession of this extraordinary name, is destined to be an extraordinary person. Highlight, applause, and glory, things that ordinary people may not have in their lifetime, are as common as the air of 1900 of genius.

But the highlights, the applause and the glory are not happy, nor long-lasting.
There was a scene in the movie that made me particularly uncomfortable: when people danced around 1900 for music, some people saw the Statue of Liberty, and all of them suddenly screamed for birds and beasts, leaving only 1900 lonely figure. No amount of glory can save the loneliness. At this moment, he is not a genius, but a poor abandoned person.

Probably only the trumpet player is willing to listen to the heart of 1900 rather than the piano. He does not understand him, but he respects him. He used the respect to fulfill the complete independence of 1900. I saw someone saying that if he were the fat man, he would knock the 1900 and then drag it off the boat. I think this kind of thinking is also destined that he can’t be the fat man, and can’t be the only real friend of 1900.

If we are more realistic, assuming that the trumpeter really got 1900 off the boat, how will the story extend? We all know that the lonely trumpeter has no ability to find a new ship for friends, find 88 keys and the end. 1900 will inevitably be worn away from the corners and mediocrity, falling into the dust into a mortal.

Survive, or live with peace of mind. This is also a problem. The choice of a mortal is to live alive no matter what, the “live” thing itself is more important than anything else. The genius sees the comfort of the soul more seriously, followed by life and death. Therefore, mortals can endure humiliation, but genius is willing to break. Everyone gets what he values ​​most, and no one is worth more than anyone else.

In fact, I am not too happy to use the word genius to define 1900. Genius has been used up. I prefer to say that 1900 is an ET. The people that live on this planet talk to talk. This is the way humans use. But 1900 is not in the human category. His fingers are his vocal organs, connected to his heart and eyes. His physical function is human, his perception and heart are ET.

ET is amazing, but not unusual. Because each of us is ET.

We used to be very different and lively. But later, we were educated, corrected, and put on track. So we changed from one ET to a group of people on earth. Our fresh face is submerged in the crowd and becomes blurred. There is no difference at first glance. Only those coincidences, such as 1900, are lucky or unfortunate to preserve their independence and ET presence, becoming the genius and heterogeneity in the eyes of the common guys.




HALO Jump in Mission: Impossible- Fallout

One of the most important action scenes in the film is the fragment of Ethan and Walker using the high-jumping skydiving technique to sneak into Paris.


Needless to say, this is of course taken by Tom himself.

This thrilling scene, from Ethan, sees that the clouds of lightning hope to change the plan to start into a difficult shooting state. The photographer must first track Ethan’s turn back into the cargo hold and hope to delay the plan, then he must jump back with Tom Cruise and take a mid-air shot.

Since Tom is facing the camera, he has only recently been 1 meter away from the photographer after jumping down, and then the photographer quickly went to his back to photograph the footage that he “entered” the electric shock of the clouds. Although the screen was on the cloud, the entire passage was actually taken in the desert of the UAE. Tom even mentioned that if the UAE did not allow them to shoot, the production team would not know how the whole paragraph would be good.

Entering the second half of the entire action scene, the lens becomes a horizontal record of how Ethan rescues Walker who is unconscious in midair. While the two characters are entangled, the photographers are also very close to them, so McQueen mentioned in the interview that everyone needs to be very careful to avoid the spatial position between the actors and photographers, in case of collision.

It seems that in order to make the difficulty of this clip one more level, the shooting team chooses to shoot every day in the evening, which is the best time for shooting every day. Because of this requirement, the effective time for shooting every day is only less than 3 minutes. In order to achieve the best results, including practice and actual shooting, Tom made a total of 106 jumps!

In recent years, viewers seem to have more understanding and more acute perception of long-lens shooting, but it seems that few viewers discuss whether the use of long-range lenses is appropriate, and even many shooting teams are only making a mirror to challenge the difficulty. In my opinion, in the next few years, this parachute effect scene of “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” will be the benchmark for long-range action scenes.

On the one hand, a crucial part of the success of an action play is how to simply convey the geometric position between each character or obstacle to the viewer’s brain. It should be understood that each time the switching between ordinary lenses represents the switching of the angle of view, the viewer needs to re-understand the geometric position. This is why long shots are so good in this high jump and low open scene. At the same time as the challenge is difficult, because the perspective is coherent, we will not have any confusion about the positional relationship as the audience, but also get a better sense of presence due to the proximity to the action scene, and the audience will be shocked after being shocked. Quietness also has the same effect, and it can be said that the effect is wonderful.

At the same time, this difficult action scene is also a good interpretation of the truth – whether the computer effects are successful depends entirely on whether the director has a good understanding of the audience’s eyes. Although it was shot in the desert of the UAE, the plot actually took place in Paris. However, the fact that the entire Paris background is a computer special effect does not make the audience feel that there is a sense of violation. Instead, the quality of this series of action scenes has improved. In the final analysis, this is because the production team understands that the audience’s attention will not be in the background of the Paris market, but in the action scenes that occur at high speed.

How to calculate the quality of the action film production, “Mission: Impossible- Fallout” this high jump low open scene can be said to be an example.


The Temptation to Sensitive Topics Is A Wake-up Call to Social Conscience

During this film festival in Melbourne, I was so confused that I don’t know which film could be the first one to be booked. After considering for a while, I decided that ” Angels Wear White” could be the most suitable one to begin with.p2503644830

In the movie, Zhang Xinxin’s father is the subordinate of the perpetrator Liu, who asked his daughter to recognize the other person’s work. After the sexual assault, in order to “think” for her daughter, for her not to make irresponsible remarks, for her future, they decided to choose silence. In this way, a compensation can be obtained from President Liu and replaced by a private school. As long as they do not pursue it, the daughter is “innocent” and can be regarded as having no sexual assault. It is even more indignant to see the audience here, but as a victimized family, it takes great courage to face it all and fight it. They want to confront not only the upper class forces, but also the public opinion pressure brought about by the large-scale exposure of the incident.

Meng Xiaowen’s father accepted the media’s interview and expressed his true thoughts. He was asked by the workplace to sign a letter of commitment to ensure that he no longer “deviled and confused”. The unit leader said to him: “It must be expressed according to law.” But as a fart, what is the way to express according to law, which could be a long judicial process?

We have to go back to the “three primary colors” kindergarten child abuse case. We have seen the indignation of the people, even the chaos or the lack of remarks based on no source. At this time, someone called for reason and told everyone not to spread the rumors. In a country with a sound judicial system, we may be able to believe in the so-called procedural justice, but in the current loss of public authority, we have to push the event to the public topic field through public opinion.

The Korean film “The Crucible” once created such a miracle. The violent incident of a student of a deaf-mute disabled school in Gwangju was disassembled into a movie six years later. The network 10,000 people signed a request to restart the investigation. Six days after the film was released, Gwangju Police set up a task force to re-investigate the case. During the period, the public requested to increase the sentencing standard of sexual assault cases. Since the period of prosecution of the suspects involved has passed, the public has called for the abolition of the prosecution period. Thirty-seven days after the film was released, the South Korean National Assembly overwhelmingly passed the “Sexual Infringement Prevention Amendment”. Another name for this amendment is called “The Crucible Method.” The amendment not only raised the sentencing to the most serious and life imprisonment, but also abolished the public prosecution period. If the perpetrator is employed in a welfare institution or a special education unit, the punishment will be aggravated. The new law was implemented seven years after the first exposure of Gwangju sexual violence.p2508534879

This is a victory for public opinion. We have to admit that South Korea’s openness to freedom of speech is indeed high. The national filming of the film “Angels Wear White” is a small step. Perhaps the movie is not as intense as the Crucible. It is even a little cautious and wary, but it is a successful test of sensitive social topics. Even if the film may be flawed, its social value cannot be ignored.

Comparing with “The Crucible”, the specific emotion that I have after watching is totally different. I felt so sad and disappointed with “The Crucible”, while feeling helpless with the situation in “Angels Wear White”. It’s definitely the time that we should think about the protection on the adolescence and the correction of the mental distortion in the real world.

Hu Bo’s Death- a long sigh of an idealist…

This is my first time to attend such kind of  film festivals, not only due to the recommendations of the unit coordinators but also that I have heard of a sad story about an true believer of idealsm.p2527463679

It’s all about the movie An Elephant Sitting Still, a reflection of the society and a sigh of an idealist. There is an elephant in the Manzhouli Zoo, sitting there every day. The teenager who is a friend, the bully brother who avenged his brother, the girl who is trapped in the shackles, can’t get out of the dark gap in the world, but struggles to see the elephant. On the day of the bleak winter, the desperate figure collided in the asymmetric unbalanced image, bursting the oppressive depression, spreading wildly in the low-cost production of rough sets and lights. The author and director Hu Bo (pen name Hu Qiang) made the first work, with the simplicity and shock of the Qing dynasty, and was recognized by the Berlin Film Festival as a finalist in the forum unit, but it was a lost puzzle that could not be fitted with a harmonious main theme. The inability to see the elephant is a common fate, and Hu Bo suddenly fell, and it has become the regret of this generation.

This is my second film that I had booked while the first one is Angels Wear White. That is repressed enough, but not that disappointed compared with the elephant. I almost finished the film with my sadness and despair. It’s not based on the film itself, but the experiences and the dreams of Hu Bo instead.p2516143428

On October 12, 2017, young writer, director and screenwriter Hu Bo hung up suiside at home in Beijing. The news spread quickly on social media. The amazement, embarrassment, and regrets filled the writers circle and the art film circle. The conclusion of the suicide caused by the misbehavior of the debut, and the winter spring film industry that closely cooperated with him fell into public opinion.  In people’s minds, the loss of creation, the distress of life, and Hu Bo, who was not very cheerful in his personality, made an extreme choice. For a time, the snobbish film circle that did not leave any retreat for the creators became a bystander to vent their emotions of being resentful and arrogant.

Before his death, Hu Bo, who was less than 30 years old, had published two novels, The Great Split and The Bullfrog, and won the first prize in the sixth Chinese-language world movie novel in Taiwan. The first feature film An Elephant Sitting Still is being produced in the post, and the new project is gradually becoming clear. He is regarded as the dark horse of the Chinese language writer, writing his suffocating life in an indifferent and absurd city with his own pen. The film scripts born out of the novel were quickly appreciated by the employers at the venture capital conference, and advanced at the envy of other young creators. And just as life seems to be getting better, he unexpectedly chose to end his life, leaving the director’s cut version of An Elephant Sitting Still. It is believed that this 230-minute film is the key to unlocking the cause of Hu Bo’s death, not only because the director had caused serious contradictions due to the length of the film and the producer, but he was disheartened by the threat of deprivation of the right to sign. Moreover, this story of desperate feelings in the cities of northern China can be seen as Hu Bo’s last footnote to his life. On February 16th, An Elephant Sitting Still held an international premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. This work, which was mysterious because of the director’s suicide, finally unveiled a heavy veil in front of the audience. We can only reconcile the story of Hu Bo along the path indicated by this movie, and re-recognize and remember this idealist who left early.