Film festival is close to our real life

In the BCSFF (Beijing college student film festival), the main competition unit is as the normal festival, it have already hold for 25 years. But in BCSFF, there have one special unit is student competition unit. This part only student could join in, include college student film competition and

college student script competition. The main target is to encourage college student love film, join the film industry and find some film talents.

On May 6, 2018, the closing ceremony and awarding ceremony of the 25th Beijing College Student Film Festival was held in the National Olympic Sports Center. The CCTV-6 in China (film channel ) cooperated this event. In the ceremony, beside the filmmaker, director, actors and actress. Most of the audience is college student study in Beijing. They join in this film festival to rank the best film they like. The BCSFF insisted on “hold by students, watch by students, shoot by students and evaluate by students.”

By holding the film festival, the 25th BCSFF began planning and filing in October 2017. In December, students and volunteers were recruited to form the executive department of the 25th BCSFF organizing committee. Publicity and other preparatory work. The main event is scheduled to open on April 14, 2018, and the award will be closed on May 6. In addition to the domestic film awards, opening and closing ceremonies, but also hosted the main venue finalist film screening, college students original film competition, college student script and creative competition and a series of academic seminars.

College student original film competition for college students is an important unit for the BCSFF. So far, this unit has been successfully held for 18 sessions, with an annual enrollment films about 4,000. This unit consists of four competition units: drama, cartoon, documentary and experimental short film. It has attracted the attention of college students from home and abroad. All the film join in this competition would evaluated by more than 100 college students and final evaluation will judge by the expert in film industry and selected more than 40 awards.

But to see the award of films, most film are produced by China, some award just like the most favorite actress or actor are idols, but this film reflect what kinds of film do college students like. In the original film competition, we can know their habit and what their understand in the film industry. The BCSFF do not only held in colleges located in Beijing. There also have some branch in other city. There are 25 universities or college join in this activity. As my bachelor degree is major in arts at Yunnan Normal University, my school encourage the students who is major in film and shoot come to join the BCSFF, first they script a story and select actress from school, then shoot at a town. The film also screen in our school cinema and let teacher and students in campus give advice to the short movie. This festival is a good way to know what students like and let more college student feel film is close to our real life. 

Bollywood, come to combine with the whole film industry in the world.

In the last recent years, some India film cover the screen and more people know Bollywood. The film “Three Idiots” is the most classic film produced by Bollywood. With the contemporary society developed, majority of east film come into peoples’ eyes. Lines between the cinematic universe of the East and the West is fast blurring.

Last  month, Indian Film Festival of Melbourne(IFFM) had started from 10th August to 22ed August. From horror movies to comedies, from art films to musicals, there are variety of films at the annual Indian Film Festival. As we all known, Melbourne is a city include diversity culture, this city is inclusive and respect to any culture. So in IFFM, beside of the film screen, there also have Indian fashion shows, dancing events, etc. Let people in Melbourne have deep understand of Indian culture and attract people join in the variety activities. Some Indian film stars and famous filmmakers also came to Melbourne hold a series of workshops. This film festival is one of the activities supported by the Victorian Government.


The timeline of Indian Film Festival of Melbourne is clear, the period is short and easy to know the each event time on the website. The IFFM have their own website and App for people to get the recent information and easy to registe for the tickets. Actually the website of IFFM is very interesting and attract me. When I see the whole website, it covered by the color of red and yellow. This is very Indian style, below of the website, there have some characteristic with Indian pattern. The whole website is easy to read and comfortable.


The opening night is on Friday, August 10th at 7pm in HOYTS Melbourne central. This activity is as  other film festival, invite some filmmaker and actress to celebrate the opening night. But one event I pay more attention on is Panel Discussions and Conversations. This is not the same as Q&A. This event invite some professional filmmaker, director, talked the future of film or the changing of film. It not only focus the film itself, but transfer their deep understand of film industry. One topic is “Changing landscape and future of cinema”. The concept they talked is as we traverse through emerging technologies and evolving platforms, the way we make, distribute and consume cinema is fast changing. In this exciting and diverse climate of evolution, understanding the changing landscape and future of cinema becomes an important conversation. They invited International Operations VP Avtar Panesar, Acclaimed Director, producer Nikkhil Advani join in this panel discussion.


IFFM’s event except of normal screen at cinema, the film festival have a special screening at La Trobe University: “SANJU at La Trobe University with IFFM”. This activity have three part. At fist there have some Indian cultural activities, and then audience have chance to have a conversation with film star in SANJU and then they watch the movie. Students are invited to join an exclusive discussion with the film’s critically acclaimed director Rajkumar Hirani and writer Abhijat Joshi. All proceeds from ticket sales will support the La Trobe Scholarship Fund.

One director said that: “India, discover how today’s filmmakers find themselves not only acting as cultural ambassadors, but as champions of diversity and inclusion.” So this is the successful of IFFM, this is Bollywood come to combine with with the whole film industry in the world.

How long will the awarded films come to common audience’s eyes?

In MIFF (Melbourne international film festival) their have a film attract me. This movie is “An Elephant Sitting Still”. I heard this movie in Berlin international film festival. The whole movie is 230 mins long. In the normal commercial movie, that is too long to see. As usual, most commercial movie is about 90-120 mins long and that is a good view experience for audience. The producer in Berlin Film Festival said this at the premiere. “This is probably the longest movie in the Berlin Film Festival.”


“The young director of suicide” is enough to become a huge gimmick.This movie tells four stories, each of them is independent but they also have association. Why the film is about 4 hours long because the the long shots used very good in the film. The long shoots could easy to let audience join in the environment and have common breath with actors. The image in the film most use the nature light. Actors and actress in the backlight environment nearly 2/3 times of the movie. The whole tone is very depressed.


In Berlin Film festival, when the film finished, they also prepare the interaction part Q&A. The audience’s questions were mainly focused on the extent to which the film reflected the original intention of the director, and finally whether it could be released in China. Three person asked questions, they all ask about the length of this film. One person in English asked that whole the 230-minute film is not in common, will it be this length when it is shown in China?

The producer said: “yes, no cuts.”

The other person ask that: “I really like some of the emotional climax in the ending and the film, but I feel that the climax is far from the end. Can you explain it slightly?”

The producer said that this is a special feature of the film.

The last person who asked questions in English very straightforwardly. I feel that the film is more pessimistic. Will such a movie be released in China?

The producer said that it will be released, and in China people could accept more film with arts. More importantly, in fact, this movie is ultimately about hope.

In the recent few years, some film which have a good evaluation on the film festival could show on the common cinema. People’s acceptance is higher for the movie which is not easy to understand. The movie “An Elephant Sitting Still” first shown in Berlin film festival and then shown in Hongkong, America, Korea, England and Australia. In different region have different evaluation for the same movie, because of the society culture, religion, economy…

But also some people do not want to pay the fee for a movie they could not easy to understand or very depressed. They like to see the commercial movie which have movie star or the story is funny and relaxable. That is why some movie have lots of award but do not have a good results in China.

Every film need deep consideration in MIFF

Actually this is my first time to join in a film festival. I have seen some festival ceremony via TV channel and in my mind, the film festival is some judgers rank the film and give some film evaluation. Normal audience could not join in it. I heard the MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival) before, but I have never experience it. So, in this semester I choose this course to take part in this event.

In the lecture, tutor introduce the film festival to us and invite us to see a film named “Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley.”  To be honest, I did not have any interest when I heard this title. As we all know that in Australia, they protect the indigenous people and culture. As for me, indigenous culture is too far away from my life. I do not have any understand to this culture. But when I look at the film introduction on the website I have an initial realize about this film. And 8th August is the date of World Premiere screening. After the film there has the Q&A with the film’s director, producer and subjects. I feel excited for we have chance to ask some question to the director directly.


Last week, my friends and I went to Forum Theatre. The film start time is 6pm, when we got there just have few seats left, and have a long quene outside. The film is a documentary. In the normal documentary movie, director just shoot the story and add off-screen voice. But in this film, director focus on the first-person perspective and let the movie more active and let audience have some deep consider after the film.


When the film finished, there have a Q&A. Some audience asked some question about the film and I really like this part. Q&A could have a directly communication with the producer and have a deep understand of this film. The producer could also know what audience feeling.


All above this I think this is a special film to see and MIFF is well organized. As the first step, the MIFF had a good propagandize on the internet. They have their own website and social media. We could get the film information and calendar on it. It also had the membership for people to watch more movies. Location is also great, organizer select Forum Theatre to show this movie. The atmosphere is gravely and have huge space. All the volunteer in this film festival is well organized and have experience to service customers. All the volunteers joined in this event and enjoyed it.


In this semester, we also need to organize a film festival. I think we could do some activity similar as MIFF just like Q&A, post some advertisement of our own film festival on FB and Instagram. Every classmates could join in it to have a great experience and memorize.