“Along With the Gods” love is always the reason to be strong

The movie series “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” and “Along With the Gods: The last 49 Days” will be presented in the coming 51th Stiges Film Festival on 5th October, 2018, it is a landmark for Korean movies to make a difference in the international market.

The Stiges Film Festival is one of the world’s foremost international film festival which presents outstanding fantasy and horror movies. Since 1971, the festival has gone through 46 years and given awards to those excellent actors and filmmakers for their incredible effort and accomplishment in the fantasy and horror movie.


The first film “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” has been a huge success in the Korean film history for being the second highest grossing movie of all time with over 105 US dollar gross in Korea. In addition, the film was sold to 12 counties and regions even before its official release in 2017, and there were another 90 countries purchased the film at the American Film Market that took place in Sant Monica.


“Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” is adapted from a cartoon. It tells a story of an ordinary fireman named Kim Ja-hong who died from saving the life of a little girl. He is assigned to three grim reapers that will help him to go through 7 trials in the following 49 days of his death. I was deeply moved by how much the Kim gives to his family. He was born in a single parent family. They are suffering from great poverty since his mother in unable to speak and his younger brother is too young to work. Kim need to support his family, and being a fireman is far less than enough to do that, so he must do 4 jobs at the same time. He doesn’t seem to know how much he can get out of him as a ordinary person, the only thing he knows is that there is someone counting on him, and the harder he work, the less he will have to worry about how to survive.

There was a scene that impressed me the most. Kim, along with the three grim reapers, is standing his trial for all the lies he told in his life. The judge shows him hundreds of letters he wrote to his mother, telling her not to worry about him, while he risks his life everyday to save others’ life. We will always want to turn to our family whenever we feel vulnerable, but Kim can’t even for a moment because he cannot afford to be weak. Poverty will not have so much power to drive a man like this, it is his love for the family that drives him all the time. Even though, Kim seems to be leading a miserable life, he never loses faith in it, and he will smile when he thinks of his family. It is always love that keep this man moving forward, and I believe love is always the reason for everyone to be strong.






My understanding of Shanghai International Film Festival

As a Chinese, I’m so proud of the Shanghai International Film Festival, which is one of the 15 Competitive Feature Film Festivals around the world. It was also accredited by the International Film Producers Association in 1994. In the meanwhile, Shanghai, the most global city in China, attracted more than 10 thousand filmmakers and producers to visit by holding the Shanghai International Festival.
But I’m not going to talk about the general introduction and background of the Shanghai International Film Festival, I just want to share the feelings of audiences and my understanding of the Shanghai International Film Festival.
As everyone knows, there is no rating system for films in China. If some films have violent or eroticism elements and scenes, the SARFT (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television) will not give those films permission to showing in China. So Chinese film fans cannot watch so many excellent movies due to the policy.
Shanghai International Film Festival not only gives the opportunity to the producers who make those fantastic films, it also gives a chance for the audience who cannot watch some films which are not showing in China. My roommate attended the Shanghai International Film Festival every year, the tickets are limited and it’s really hard to get the tickets online. It means so many film fans don’t want to lose those opportunities to watch great films.
Due to the totally different national situation in China and other countries, the Shanghai International Film Festival is not only a great global event, it also the great chance to get to know more films who are not very famous in China. I think it really means a lot both for directors and audiences. The opportunity is very precious to them.
On the other hand, besides some social minority movies screening at Shanghai International Film Festival, some classic film will show in a different way, mostly in the high technological way, like 4K or 4D and so on. I remember that there is a cinema has the double high technology, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. One of the most classic films, Titanic, was showing at 21st Shanghai International Film Festival in Dolby Vision version. This version gives the audience an experience that has never been seen before. It is very real as if it is immersive. Even the audience has seen this movie many times, watching the Dolby Vision version can feel a more powerful shock.
After understanding the different perspective of the Shanghai International Film Festival, I feel very proud of China, for holding such an important film festival for film fans and filmmakers. The film festival is a very meaningful event, not just in the business world or the art world.
By watching the movies that are not normally accessible, to understand the stories behind the movies, to understand the thoughts of the filmmakers, and to enhance the horizons, having our own thoughts and insights about the movie stories may be the biggest influence of the film festival on me.






Creating a film festival is not a simple thing

I was pretty shocked when I heard that we had to create a film festival ourselves in the first seminar. It is very hard for me to create a film festival because it requires a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and of course, professional guidance. Due to the lack of understanding about the film festival before, I don’t understand what preparations are needed. I was quite worried about this unit but I was also very interested in it. Fortunately, after the grouping, I am glad that I can meet so many excellent and responsible team members to work for our film festival. They took the initiative to stand up and lead everyone, record everyone’s contact information, create a chat group on the social media platform, like WeChat and Messenger, and then we have successfully divided a large group of more than 70 people into five teams with specific tasks. I am also very grateful to the team members who trust me to be the team leader of the marketing team.
After getting in touch with the team leaders, we often communicate through messenger and meet at the weekend to have a meeting to discuss our mission and work process. I was very excited and happy in the process of communicating with other team leaders because I found that they are very serious and responsible, and some of them even have experience in events and film festivals. Every discussion we have was very interesting and productive. We discussed the theme, location, and activities of the film festival. Every time we came up with a good idea, everyone was very excited. This made me feel more confident about our film festival and I am increasingly looking forward to our final result.
Through the efforts of the first five weeks, we have already had a rough plan. I am very touched by the team members of each group who have worked together for our film festival. Everyone is very pleased to present their opinions and is willing to listen to other people’s suggestions. The whole teamwork process is so glad and efficient.
Although we still have less than six weeks to show our film festival, with such a good team member, I believe that even the more complicated difficulties we can overcome together. I also realized that this semester I may not only learn about the historical background, development, and academic knowledge of the film festival. I can reach out to the film festival and get to know some professionals. More importantly, I can truly integrate into the film festival, prepare with everyone from scratch, build my own sense of teamwork, and develop my leadership skills, as well.
In the next few weeks, we are about to put the previous plans into action. I am also looking forward to working with the team members and running our film festival day by day. In the 11th week, we will be able to present a perfect film festival to everyone who attends our film festival.

My feelings about the film festival and film festival study tour

As the first time to study the film festival, I even don’t know what a film festival is before I chose this unit. Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a fantastic film festival, the function of their official website was so useful for me to know about the whole program. Their films timetable, recommendations, calendar and festival information are quite clear on their website which was great!


(Screenshot from: http://miff.com.au/)

MIFF has so many films from all over the world, even I cannot watch some films which I was very interested because of the tickets, but I still learn about some information from my friends. I only watch the documentary which the professor recommended to us. Actually, it was my first time to watch a documentary in a theatre in a film festival program. I was surprised by the show and Q&A sessions before and after the film screening. I think it is quite interesting to meet the producers and actors of the film. It makes the whole documentary more real, and the audiences would know more about the background story of the documentary.

By attending the film festival makes me more and more interested in the film festival process. When I saw some galas on TV, I thought the film festival is about the red carpet, flashes, and film stars and producers. But when I browse the MIFF official website, despite the opening night gala and lots of great films, it also has a lot of special events like “MIFF talk”, which can make the whole process into a conversation. I think it is a very good chance for the audience to communicate with the staffs who work in the film industry.

The film study tour is really like a tour, getting to know about the film industry, filmmakers, and film festival. Listening to the story of staffs who work in the film festival also makes me feel excited because I wanted to be a director when I was a little girl. It seems like my dream is very close to me and I ‘m very happy to choose this unit.
It was a pity that I didn’t watch a lot of films in the MIFF due to the time and tickets, but I think I will pay attention to every film festival in the future. Not only care about the awarded films of Oscar but also make an effort to understand more kinds of film and behind stories of those films.

I’m really excited about this semester and we will create a short film festival! That is amazing! I ‘m sure it will be my best memory when I study at Monash and I can improve my skills of leadership and teamwork by doing something I really interested. I will do my best to work with my dream team members and learn anything about the film festival. I trust my members and very happy to cooperate with them. And I’m sure everybody will like our film festival. Can’t wait to meet our fabulous film festival in Week 11! Let’s work!

MIFF information from Melbourne International Film Festival Official Website: http://miff.com.au/