The social meaning of the Cannes film festival

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As we explore more about the film festival, we found that Cannes film festival is held every year in May which is a warm season. It will last for 12 days and select several films to show on the screen. At the same time, the stars and directors of these films that involved in these films will be invited to walk the red carpet. And some stars and directors are not invited still participate in this activity and appeal to the attention of journalists. The female stars wear the beautiful dresses and want to pretend themselves to be the most eye-catching person. Some stars even walk 6 to 9 minutes in the red carpet which causes the hot issue in this year’s Cannes Film Festival. However, if this approach can obtain more attention of people to the movies the stars played? As an audience, it cannot increase the attraction of their works but increased their own visibility. It is a kind of social skills. Besides, after the imagination of the function of walking the red carpet, can I guess the social significance of the Cannes Film Festival seems to be bigger than the practicality?
Meanwhile, more than 4000 journalists and some observers watch every film on time, they look at each piece with tired or harsh eyes. Sometimes the theatre will play some non-native films that the filmmakers cannot understand. In addition, some films which are founded in the film festival maybe we never hear about it. So maybe there is no film suit for the release for the filmmaker. What are they come for? From my perspective, it is a big and high-level business party. If people are invited to this event, it means that they have the higher frame and the status. In this two weeks, there are many parties that are held in this small town. The place for the party are not the same, someone will hold it in the restaurant and hotel, some people even use tents what looks like the palace or rent the luxury boat. In addition, the purpose of these parties is also different. Some writers look around want to promote their creativity. Some directors want to persuade the famous star to play their work no matter how many times they can take part in the film. Someone want to look forward to the support of the famous brand with the money or the frame. The stars who are not famous will use various skills to come to people’s sight to obtain the opportunity to act.
The social significance not only refers to the people in the Cannas but also effects the outside people. As the increasing people are concern about the Cannas Film Festival, some stars who are not invited to take part in this season will tell the experiences he had before in order to appeal to people’s attention and raise their influence. Hence, Cannas Film Festival provides the social significance of people but also gain the authoritative as a reward.


“SHOPLIFTERS” is a drama, family and crime film directed by Hirokazu Kore, starring 6 actors. It was exhibited at the Berlin Film festival in May 13rd, 2018 and won the 71st Berlin Film Festival Golden Palm Award.

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The 71st Cannes Film Festival, which lasted for 12 days has ended, the Japanese director Hirokazu Kore won the Golden Palm Award with “SHOPLIFTERS”. In this work, Hirokazu Kore not only explores the themes of the family but introduces social intervention and evaluation, which makes the work more meaningful and deep. The story revolves around an old and poor residential area. The big family lived in a small house full of the garbage, the biggest source of incomes in this family comes from the ex-husband’s pension of the “grandma”. The couple Osamu and Nobuyo have the work and their sister Aki works for a special service. Father Osamu and son Shota often theft to maintain home and pick up a girl Yuri who was beaten and bruised. The poor family is friendly to the child not for the money that we were anesthetized by the warmth of this family. But with the developing of the story, the accident attracted the intervention of social forces after a failed theft. The cross-examination and questioning of the family after the social involvement, each sentence opened the secret which cannot tell people. We learned that these people were picked up by each other to form a family. Some truths even contained horror components.


This film reflects the current society of Japan, the issue of domestic violence on the mother, the unemployment problem on the father, the elderly living alone happened on the grandmother, the girl assistant and the abandon of the child. We also see two aspects of the relationship in this film. From the social perspective, the original family cannot be broken, it means that no matter the parents treat the girl, she should go back home. However, from the perspective of six people, although they are not the families in law, they would like to depend on each other and seek for the warmth that is more precious. They bond with each other not only for money but also the love. The son in the film expressed that it is so nice if they can select their parents and the father want to build a good example for the son although he knows the theft is detrimental. The director’s lens shows that life has always been unfair and some people have suffered the greatest misfortune at birth.


At the end of the film, the grandmother said “thanks before dying and the son called “father” to Osamu, but both of them do not say it in front of the family. At the same time, they all come back to their own home. It just like the director Hirokazu Kore wants to illustrate that he does not want to heal anyone through the film. He hopes to use the film as the medium of “communication” to see the world and see himself.




The meaning of participating in the international film festival

No matter the professional filmmaker or the people who interested in the film, they are full of the hope and respect. As we are preparing for a small film festival, we learn that it is not the easy work. The demand for the real film festival is more than the small one we organized. Behind the sleek stage of the festival, there are many staff members who are sweating silently. The film festival collects film from all over the world which is a huge filming project will spend energy for the organizer.


Venezia (2018) illustrated that the film festival was born on August 6, 1932, which is an activity to promote the film and improve the level of the movie. It also provides a place to gather the filmmakers to communicate with each other that creates the opportunities of cooperation, rewards the meaningful and creative movies. Anderson and Addio (2018) claimed that there are many film festivals and the most famous are the three international film festivals in Europe, Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, Cannes International Film Festival in France, Venice International Film Festival in Italy.


These film festivals have the significant influence on the film market so that no matter actors and producers all want to participate in it. If one movie is chosen to show in the film festival, it is not only an affirmation of the film but obtains the popularity for the filmmaker. The film will be examined and gain the box office which means the value and appeal. For the actors, walking the red carpet is an opportunity to improve the exposure. These actors will be known by the directors and may obtain more cooperation. For instance, these actors will be considered first if the directors have the fantastic script and sponsored by the famous brand. These are the best response that given to the participants of the film festival. For the festival, it requires celebrities to appeal to the fans that can catch the attention.


Personally, the most important of the film festival is to provide a platform which is fair and open. It has the capacity to showcase the different style of the film, discover and tap potential actors, writers to promote the development of the industry in a positive direction. Some countries’ films still need constant learning, in order to obtain more attention in the background of the cultural differences, the direct way is to take part in the overseas exhibition. Since people from different countries will examine the films more comprehensive, directors have the more intuitive comparison of the movies. In addition, entering the overseas market is an important process which will attract the attention of the investors. Some films lack money to shoot, the writers can find more chance to find the venture capital funds or someone who interested in this film to invest money. Hence, the filmmakers can be provided the indeed by the platform of the film festival and film festival.


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The First Experience in MIFF

The Melbourne International Film Festival was established in 1952 which is a non-profit organization and this year will be held from 2nd -19th August. As the official website claimed that “the story of the film in Melbourne could not be written without MIFF”, it illustrates its status and importance. The first movie I saw during the MIFF is a documentary which named “Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley”. It is also the first time I took part in a film festival. The film is a documentary but never heard from advertising. The movie theatre is not big, but it is full of people and even the office worker stands at the back of the seat to watch. Everyone focuses on the screen and keep silence.

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The film talks about the threat from the government come to the Kimberley region which includes the plundering of land, overdeveloped and raising livestock without permission of the local people. The director records what happened from the aspect of the local people and the attitude of the official government. Although it is a documentary, it can reflect to the target audience and connect to the government. It is also full of laughing and preciseness. The mood of the audience changes with the changing of the plots, the audience will smile after listening to the producer humorous vocabulary and keep quiet when listening to the experience of the suffering. It allows me to understand not only the popular film will participate the MIFF but some meaningful films.

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As I do not know the process of the MIFF, I was surprised that the four producers came to the front of the stage and talked about their thoughts towards this film which likes to communicate with us and asks us to understand deeply. After listening to their speaking, I realized that the MIFF products the significant impact on the film. Most people may take part in the MIFF due to its frame, but they will also lose themselves in the film which selected by the producer of the MIFF. Then, producing the impression to the people and the film obtains the high evaluation. The film I saw “Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley” is a good example, although it is not famous, the MIFF assist to advertising it and increasing people will watch it which will cause the impression. People will concentrate on the things happened in the Kimberley and provide the assistant to the local people. The government may realize the requirements of the local people and give the suitable solution.


This semester we need to organize a film festival as an assessment. From this experience in MIFF of Melbourne, I study more information and know what we need to focus when we prepare our film festival. Firstly, finding the suitable place that people can enjoy the film. Secondly, ensuring the price of the film festival that people have the ability to afford it. Thirdly, we need to arrange the consultant and receptionist to control order. I will apply these skills in our assessment. Fourth, the most important part is to select the theme and choose the relevant films.



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