Movie marathon tour

It was a very normal night. When I thought about it for a long time with my friends, we finally decided to go to this year’s MIFF’s overnight marathon. The first reason for thinking about this for a long time is that the movie marathon takes a very long time, may send us all night, we will find it hard to stick to it. The second reason is that we are not a fanatic of Nicholas Cage. But in the fresh sense of having never participated in this type of film festival, we decided to feel the movie marathon.
The movie Marathon is located in The Astor theatre, a very retro theatre that often hosts movie marathons. The marathon started at 9:30 in the evening. The weather was really cold that day. Many people arrived very early, bringing some warm blankets, pillows or something like that. Because the theater is very old, the chair is very uncomfortable, and we have no experience, so after we sat down, we regretted not taking blankets and pillows. On that night, I watched seven films by Nicholas Cage, including MANDY, RAISING ARIZONA, RED ROCK WEST, VAMPIRE’S KISS, WICKER MAN, DRIVE ANGRY, CON AIR. Many people are fans of Nikola Cage, and in order to meet the atmosphere of the night, the staff also sent a mask to Cage at the door, the whole atmosphere is quite good. Another interesting thing is that the staff at the opening of a film festival wore a very cute pajama for cow clothes, and the staff briefly introduced Cage. All the people watching the movie were very enthusiastic. People screamed and whistled all night, and even stood up when they saw excitement. Some of the 7 films are good, but some are not very good. Basically, when the film is shown, everyone laughs, screams, whistle, and screams. When they put in the boring film, everyone falls asleep. The whole environment is very comfortable, like gathering with a group of friends to watch a favorite thing.
But insisting that at 7 o’clock in the morning, my friends and I have not been conscious, and the entire theater has gone mostly, but there are still many people who insist on the end.

Through this film festival marathon, I feel that we can do similar activities in this film festival, not only very interesting but also more prominent the theme. However, there are some regrets that we may not have such a large scale as the Melbourne Film Festival. It may be difficult to do it, but I think we have other similar activities that can be held so that the entire film festival not only plays movies but also more interesting. The activities are added to add more fun to the festival. I also deeply understand how difficult it is to hold a film festival, not only to select good movies but also to design a lot of activities related to movies. It also requires a lot of efforts and cooperation from behind-the-scenes staff.

Big Fish

In the legend, all living human beings are huge fish in the sea. From the time they were born, they began to set off from the coast, across the sea to different shores, sometimes separated, and sometimes died. A young girl named 椿, when she was sixteen years old, became a dolphin in the world, but she was trapped by a net in the sea and could not get out. At this time, a human boy jumped into the sea to save her life, but in the end unfortunately died. In order to repay the boy saved the girl‘s life,The little girl found the goddess to resurrect the boy and lived in her world. She needs to raise the little boy’s soul from a small fish into a big fish and eventually return to the sea.

timg  The movie ” Big fish Begonia” is not just an animated cartoon. His exquisite production can be said to be unprecedented in the history of Chinese animated films. The color and music of this film are full of Chinese style. Although the emotional line is a bit unclear, the character of the leading actor is not particularly complete, but it does not affect the status of the film. Also, This film was also nominated for many awards such as the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award. But even then, this movie is still a niche. When I saw this movie at the 2018 Melbourne Film Festival, I was almost surprised. In addition, I saw his promotional video at the airport. At that time, I found out that the film was really moving. Not only can we impress us, but we can also impress more people. The storyline of the whole movie is actually very simple. It tells a girl who uses her most simple love to return the teenager who once gave up her life. In a new life cycle, she tries to protect him. In the end, the boy grows huge. Fish, back to the ocean. When I finished watching the movie, what I felt was touched,And this kind of moving, I can’t express it in words. I was touched by this simple and stubborn feeling. This girl is sacrificial, at least she understands gratitude., and in reality, not everyone can do this. And her love is so pure,more than just life exchange life,Her love is not just a love. When I watched this movie at the Melbourne cinema, I felt different from it. It may be more mature than before, and I can see some details that I could not understand. Everyone is very quiet and quietly immersed in this story. Using movies to reflect our own lives, many times we can learn a lot of things that we can’t realize in life. When we watch movies, we not only harvest aesthetic education but also think more about life.

The world is like a carnival

To be Honestly, when the film of the Carnival was just released in China, I bought the ticket to the cinema to watch the movie alone,And, coincidentally, I found that almost everyone who came to see this movie was alone. So why do you have to go to see this movie even if you are alone? Because this movie is worth it. So when I found this movie at the Melbourne Film Festival 2018, my heart was really delighted.

This is a very feminine perspective film. There are actually two female protagonists in the film. One is a personal experience and the other is a bystander. I remember the director said that if there is only one protagonist, it is easy for us to think of the movie as a movie only, and not to feel that it is our own life, but if the next person is also the protagonist, we can substitute the role of a bystander. The deeper understanding of this movie.

The carnival film tells the story of two young girls being sexually assaulted. The story itself should be cruel, but the director expressed it in the most peaceful way. There are many places in the whole movie that can be lyrical, such as broken childhood, such as crying girls, such as difficult rights protection, but the director did not deliberately sensation but used the calmest attitude to tell the whole story, let the audience feel Absolutely realistic.

The whole movie is full of bullying. The first type of bullying is the bullying of adults to children. Adults in the whole society do not respect the children’s thoughts. Parents do not care about anything that harms children. At this time, crimes tend to fall more easily on children. The second type of bullying is male-to-female bullying. Almost all the women in the movie are suppressed by men. Every woman is not respected and understood in the process of male communication. It can even be said that she does not have self-esteem. In the eyes of men, women seem to be inferior so they will have snoring, injury, and even It is sexual assault. The third type of bullying is the bullying of the strong to the weak. It is almost everywhere in the whole movie. After the girls are sexually abused, their way of defending their rights is so difficult because the power of the strong is too Strong, this also makes the girls get secondary damage.

Many movies are described as good or bad. But this movie can’t be evaluated like this because they have already surpassed the value of good looks. The world is a noisy carnival, but there are too many people who remain silent and shed tears. We saw the cruelty of society from the movies and saw the weakness of the weak. In many cases, this also saw us see ourselves. We should love the world and love all those who need to be protected.

The nobody-cares plastic greenhouse

Before I participated in the Melbourne Film Festival 2018, I was very interested in the filming of “burning”, because the film was adapted from the work of a famous writer, Haruki Murakami, “burning room.” Since the film was completed, it has been paid attention to, and even some netizens said: “Movies are often difficult to transcend literature, but this time probably exceeds” such words to express their love for this movie. Although this film did not receive a particularly high honor at the International Film Festival, I am very excited to have this film on display at the Melbourne Film Festival.
The day I went to the cinema was a weekend so the people watching the movie would be more than usual. I found a comfortable place with my friend and sat quietly waiting for the movie to start. When I watched the entire movie, my heart began to burn with the flames of the movie.

It is a mood that is difficult to express. I am completely depressed by the emotions,The film’s director, Lee Chang-dong, is really a person who is very accurate about the atmosphere. There are many blanks in the whole movie that are enough for the audience to think and feel. The film tells the emotional entanglement between the three young people, but it is not only the emotional entanglement but also the dialogue between the two classes. The lead actress is a single female who lives along with a cat, no one cares about her. At the end of the story, she was killed as a plastic greenhouse that nobody cares about, burned, and disappeared silently into the world. For those who have money and power, this is just a game for them, and life is even more meaningless. At the end of the movie, in order to revenge, Jong-Su killed the ben, who treat Hae-mi and other girls as rubbishes, And Ben also got relief from his life in the process of death. He was holding Jong-Su and his face finally showed a relaxed smile. Both Jong-su and Hae-mi belong to the marginalized people in the film, at the bottom of society, the world is like a riddle, and they can’t guess. They are like plastic sheds that nobody cares about, and no one worries even if they are burned. The whole world may only Jong-su loves Hae-mi, so after knowing that the Hae-mi was killed, he lost his only belief, lost the reason to continue to live. In this movie, everything has other meanings. Plastic greenhouses are not just plastic greenhouses, and people are no longer human. meanwhile, the three stars of the film dedicated themselves to the character, you can see some of your own emotions from their eyes and behavior.
Everyone is a hungry person, everyone is a lonely person. This kind of loneliness runs through the whole movie, turns into a burning flame, and slowly turns to ashes.