Shanghai International Film Festival: let film, movie fans and film festivals grow together


The only international class film festival in China. The Shanghai International Film Festival is progressing and growing from the perspectives of exhibition scale, film quality and international influence.

The significance of the Shanghai International Film Festival to Shanghai and even to China is needless to say. As the birthplace of Chinese films, Shanghai itself has a profound film culture. The holding of the film festival plays an important role in excavating the city’s cultural heritage and promoting the city’s cultural level. The Shanghai International Film Festival has made the world see Shanghai and see China.

Of course, the significance of the festival lies not only in its economic and cultural effects on the city, however also in the fact that it is a festival about the film itself, bringing together outstanding movies and filmmakers, rewarding excellence, communicating and promoting the development of film ideas and art. The role of film festivals in these areas directly determines its status and influence. This paper discusses the role that the Shanghai International Film Festival is playing, or what kind of role we can try to play.

Uphold and stick to: film concept affects the quality of the festival.

Chen Kaige, a famous director, recently wrote about the Shanghai International Film Festival in the media. One of his words speaks of the fundamental significance of the festival: film and Film Festival grow together.

In other words, a good film festival must be able to lead the future direction of the film, Film Festival is oriented to the past (review of the classics), the present (reflect the reality), and it should be oriented to the future. This involves the concept of the festival, that is, through its selection criteria, award settings, award awards and other links, the festival can construct a unique concept and benchmark of the festival, and influence the filmmakers, and then affect the future development of the film. The concept of Film Festival tests the eyes, mind and vision of the organizers.

The Shanghai International Film Festival still has a lot of room to work in these areas. Especially in the current Chinese film market taste is relatively single, film production bias entertainment, secularization, superficial, the ultimate value of human destiny questioning, the pursuit of artistic realm is still inadequate, the Shanghai International Film Festival targeted to uphold and promote a unique concept, will have a positive impact.

Carry out and recommend: do well the movie art “laboratory”

Andre Bazan once commented on the Cannes Film Festival as “a two-week modern cinema monastery, where there are vulgar carnivals and fireworks, but more films worth watching with a clear conscience.” Although the world’s major movies include a variety of types and styles of film, but in the film festival, the best-known and ultimately awarded, mostly art films, this is an indisputable fact.

Obviously, the existence of the film festival itself is one of the most popular and easily accepted film education and art education channels for film fans, where the show is not “a single, entertaining, consumer” films, but “diverse, rich, world-wide” films. It’s a carnival for movie fans, who scramble for tickets, want to go into the cinema to see what they can’t understand, and then communicate with each other in a movie community like Douban or Wechat after watching, slowly changing from a busy fan to a movie-savvy fan. This is also one of the significance of Shanghai Film Festival which should not be neglected and should be deeply explored. It can and should provide a cultural environment for viewers to form their own aesthetic taste through watching movies.

The Meaning of Film Festival

Both professional filmmakers and film industry enthusiasts are full of yearning and awe for the festival. Behind the bright stage of the film festival, many staff members silently sweat. Every year, the festival collects hundreds of films, tens of thousands more. Such a huge auditing project for the festival officials will spend a lot of energy, but also to place more hope on the filmmakers.

However, there are still many filmmakers full of doubts about the festival, the significance of participating in the festival is uncertain, the following small edition of a brief summary of the explanation.

1. The concept of Film Festival: Film Festival was born on August 6, 1932. It is an activity to promote the art of film and improve the level of film art. It is also aimed at rewarding valuable and creative films, promoting communication and cooperation among film workers, and providing a convenient and peaceful development for the development of film trade.

2, there are more than 5000 movie festivals in the world. Among them, there are 15 category A film festivals, the most famous of which are the three major European International Film festivals: Berlin International Film Festival [Germany], Cannes International Film Festival [France], Venice International Film Festival [Italy], the other 12 are the Caroville International Film Festival [Czechoslovakia] and Locarno International Film Festival [Switzerland].


Moscow International Film Festival [Russia], Montreal International Film Festival [Canada], San Sebastian International Film Festival [Spain], Tokyo International Film Festival [Japan], Cairo International Film Festival [Egypt], Shanghai International Film Festival [China], Matabrata International Film Festival [Argentina], Warsaw International Film Festival [Poland], India International Film Festival [India], Tallinn International Film Festival [Estonia].


There are about 300 international film festivals approved by the International Film Producers Association and with high quality. These festivals can be roughly divided into 3 categories.

Category B competition special film festival, such a festival highlights a specific theme.

Category C non competition Film Festival, such film festival does not award awards, mainly screened the selected national films.

Type D is mainly documentary and short films.

3. The significance of the festival: for the director to participate in the film to gain fame, box office; for the actors to walk on the red carpet, improve exposure, and so on, it is the added value of the festival, but also to give the participants the best response. The most important thing about shadow Festival is to provide a platform. This platform is fair and open, can display the elegant demeanor of different film works, discover and tap the potential of people, things, things, in order to promote the whole industry towards a positive direction.

4. If the filmmakers attend the festival for the purpose of communication, to be examined and discussed, that is the best. The filmmaker does not want to feel that he is just running for a few magnesia, in order to deal with the fame, in fact, to participate in the festival is to mature the industry in the contribution of their talent and enthusiasm.

5, the Chinese film industry is on the rise and needs to keep learning. Colleagues also need more attention. In the context of cultural differences, how to strive for more and more appropriate international attention and self-examination, so as to take a big step on the road to maturity, participate in the festival to participate in overseas exhibitions, is the most direct way.

6. Importance of the film market: There is also an important link to participate in the film festival, is the cultural industry to enter the overseas market. This is also being watched by more and more investors, many films without distribution channels can find buyers or venture capital funds. Film festivals are platforms that give filmmakers what they want, and film festivals require filmmakers to provide what they want.

Film Festival of political influence — Taiwan Golden Horse Award

20151122074523334Founded in 1962, the Golden Horse Award is a film award held in Taiwan. It was established to promote the filmmaking industry in Taiwan and to honor filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the Chinese film culture. The Golden Horse Award is held every year, and it was suspended in 1964 and 1976. The Golden Horse Award is the oldest award in the Chinese language circle. There are no geographical restrictions on the selection of the awards. The awards are for all Chinese movies and Chinese filmmakers. It was sponsored by the Taiwan Information Bureau of the Executive Yuan and sponsored by the Taiwan film development foundation. The Golden Horse Award is a contest award offered by Taiwan to promote Chinese film production, to excellent Chinese films and film workers. It has awarded many excellent Chinese films and film workers. It has become the highest honorary indicator of Chinese film production and has greatly helped and encouraged the Chinese film industry. Encourage. The Golden Horse Awards have been held for the fifty-four time. The participants are mainly Chinese or Chinese films. The Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award, the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award and the Hong Kong Film Golden Image Award are also called the “Three Chinese Film Awards”


There was no shortlist for the Golden Horse Award in the early years, and the winners were announced in advance. All the winners were awarded by the governor in the ranks until the 15th. The ceremony was also held on October 30 or 31 to celebrate the birthday of Chiang Kai-shek.

Since the early mainland and Hong Kong did not set up similar film competitions, the Golden Horse Award has long been the most popular film event in the Chinese film industry since the 1970s. Before the 1980s, due to the political antagonism between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the Golden Horse Award was awarded mainly to Taiwanese and Hong Kong films. With the development of cross-strait economic, trade and cultural exchanges, together with the decline of Taiwan’s film industry, the loss of Hong Kong film staff and other factors, since the mid-1990s, mainland Chinese film participants have participated in the awards. The number of competition events has increased greatly and has gradually become the number of awards.

The Golden Horse Film Festival is an important film cultural event. The main activities are divided into two parts: the first part is the Golden Horse Award Chinese Film Competition, the second part is the Golden Horse International Film Festival. The Golden Horse Awards for Chinese-language films include the best drama, best animated feature, best documentary and best short film creation. Individual awards include the best director, best male/female leading actor, best supporting actor/actress, best original script, best-adapted script, best photography, best short film creation. Visual effects, best art design, best modeling design, best action design, best original film music, best original film songs, best editing and best sound effects. There are also special awards for Taiwan’s Outstanding Film of the Year, Taiwan’s Outstanding Film Workers of the Year, and audience votes for Best Picture in informal contests. For a long time, the Golden Horse Awards had focused on the encouragement of Taiwanese and Hong Kong films before 2000 because of the different political standpoints between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. But the decline of Taiwan’s film industry and the loss of Hong Kong’s film workers have gradually opened the awards to mainland Chinese films and to participate in competitions. In recent years, more and more mainland films have entered the competition units of Golden Horse Awards, such as the 2016 Golden Horse Film Festival, which has won many awards. The actress is the two woman in the mainland film “July and Ansheng”. Feng Xiaogang, the director of the mainland movie “I am not Pan Jinlian”, won the best director. The best film is from August, the debut of mainland youth director Zhang Dalei.


My first film festival tour—MIFF

I had never been to any film festival before this MIFF, but I had watched film festivals on TVs, such as the Oscar Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film Festival. And I went to the festivals just because there were famous actors I liked or directors I liked. There are not many famous movie stars to attract the attention of MIFF this time. The publicity for the festival is not very strong, many people around me do not know Melbourne is going to hold a film festival recently.


In order to become more familiar with this film festival, I searched the MIFF online before going to the festival to learn that Melbourne International Film Festival is a three-week annual film festival held in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 1952 and is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. In addition to the Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, and Melbourne Local Film Festival, MIFF is one of the four Melbourne Film Festivals. From the opening of the festival on August 2, 2018, to the end of August 19, 2018, people can pre-order tickets to the movies they want to see on the MIF’s official website.
On the way to the festival, I was thinking that there was only a red carpet and awards ceremony. However, after I went there, I found that in addition to these festivals, there will also be films and film exchanges. Compared to other star-studded A-class film festivals, for non-filmmakers, the main goal is to see their favorite stars, and MIFF is focused on the film itself. If you go to this movie festival, you should be a real movie lover.
After a brief introduction by the host, we began to watch the film, and the host invited the film’s creative team to share their creative experience with us. The audience can ask questions of the filmmakers. This process is more like the exchange and discussion of films. Before the movie, something far away for me is now very close to me. Film creators are also very approachable, for the audience to answer as many questions as possible, hoping to give them a satisfactory answer.

In addition, I also learned at the festival that the films to be shown at this festival include China, Japan, Korea, France, Greece, the United States and many other countries besides Australian local films. For a multicultural country in Australia, this is also a manifestation of multiculturalism. These films have adapted to the audiences living in Australia from various countries. At the same time, it will also help MIFF open the international door and move towards a higher level film festival.
Through this MIFF, I have a completely new understanding of the film festival. It has helped me understand more about some of the festival settings and the importance of holding a film festival. This experience is my first time as an audience at the film festival. This is a completely different experience from watching TV festivals on TV and videos. Maybe my previous understanding of the festival was based on just a few things that were broadcast on television: the red carpet and the awards ceremony. I did not know anything about the part I did not broadcast, such as the film exhibition and some exchange meetings. I think through this film festival, we will accumulate experience for our next film festival. I hope we can use the knowledge we learned in this film festival at our film festival.