Distinct Individuality of World Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival are the top three film festivals around the world, people are familiar with these international film festivals due to their long history and significant influence for film industry. However, the development of film industry cannot only be relied on these large-scale film festivals, there are still a large number of typical film festivals who own strong personalities achieve success.

Although Sundance Film Festival is not as popular as top three ones, it is the largest independent film festival in the America which can be considered as the most important film festival for independent filmmakers. It aims to promote the development of low cost independent films, it brings great influence for independent film industry and it provides more chances for new filmmakers. The Sundance film festival has become the springboard for increasing number of new directors in Hollywood, some Hollywood film companies choose to explore filmmakers from here. It has to be noticed that there is also a non-profit Sundance institute which be established to fund new scriptwriters and directors, many recipients then get awards from international film festivals around the world.


The twin for Sundance Film Festival is Raindance Film Festival in London. This film festival encourages the development of innovation avant-garde movies which provides chances for creative untraditional filmmakers. The films that be selected by Raindance film festival are also accepted by Cannes Film Festival and Hollywood. The same as Sundance, Raindance provides some courses, training for free for filmmakers and film lovers.

The New York Independent Film Festival is similar to Sundance Film Festival, they are both devoted to promote the process the independent movies. The NYC Independent Film Festival lasts for almost two months which includes many projection cities like LA, Las Vegas, the staffs will also go to Cannes Film Festival to do related announcement during these two months.

International Film Festival Rotterdam is the most significant platform for cutting –edge works. It is different from international film festivals like Venice, the IFFR has leftish political stand which own distinct characters and it’s famous for its independent rebellion spirit. All selected films are not commercial ones and audiences will not see any advertisements during the process of broadcasting, in addition, the whole festival excludes commercial-related activities. The IFFR pay attention to personal color and new filmmakers’ ability, its Tiger Award is set up for the fresh movies which means that it will only pick up the first or second work of a directors for competition.


The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the special outdoor event, it is popular among documentary makers, explores and mountaineers. The mountaineering culture, sports and environment are the constant theme of this film festival.


Without celebrities, large fund support, these film festivals can also achieve success due to their unique characters and thoughts.

Women’s Film Festival Around the World

Fighting for women’s rights is the continuous process through more than thousands years, it has been the important part for the development of a society. Women are no longer the weak group and they are provided with more roles in the society no matter in political, economic or cultural filed. Women’s film festivals began due to the lack of female voice within the film industry. To combat this hindrance, their own film festival was designed. (Wickman, 2012) Nowadays, many countries include Western and Asian have their own women’s film festival.

The first International Women’s Film Festival in Australia was held in 1975 in every state capital city and Canberra. It is one of the earliest women’s film festivals around the world. The film festival lasted for nine days in Melbourne and Sydney and attracted around 56000 audiences to join in which reflected the influences of the first women’s film festival. The works of women directors’ around the world which be made between 1920 and 1974 were broadcasted and it was the major component in that festival. It maybe the first time for many audiences to enjoy women director’s films and their opinions for women may changed a lot after watching these movies.

Créteil International Women’s Film Festival is another early women festivals which be held in France from 1979. It pays attention to women’s artistic commitments and political and social achievements. (Wickman, 2012)Expect western women directors’ works, films made by Chinese, Indian, Malaysian also have achieved the award.


Aichi International Women’s Film Festival (AIWFF) and SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival(SIWFF)are two famous Asian women’s film festival. AIWFF was established in 1996 and SIWFF was set up in 1997, they are both devoted to promote the status for women in society and provide platforms for women around the world to do communication at the same time. As the film festival out of competition, they focus more about the push for women group including explore new female director, bring fresh women culture.

Actually, increasing number of famous film festival pay attention to women part no matter from women theme or women film makers. In Oscars, there are many awarded movies that related to women. Roman Holiday may be the earliest prize winner of the women film, in this movie, Princess Ann is shaped as a perfect woman which reflects the positive characters of women. Thelma and Louise is the representative work of feminism which shows the awakening of women awareness. The only awarded Chinese movie in Oscars: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, although it is a complicated story related to love and revenge, the female images in this movie are free, they are dare to against the patriarchic society and chase what they want.

As we can see, the film festival is no longer the platform for promoting movie itself, it has been the channel to express the political, cultural standpoints. Women’s Film Festival shows us female’s power and it encourages women to insist what they want to do.



Wickman, M 2012, ‘Top Women’s Film Festival’, Retrieved from:https://www.raindance.org/top-womens-film-festivals/

The Best Foreign Language Film in Academy Awards

Once people mention about film festival, the first thing came into my mind is Academy Awards which is the most famous American film festival. It is usually known as The Oscars and it was organized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in 1929. It is no longer the important event in the USA, people around the world pay attention to this film activity. America film industry stands in the top of mountain so Academy Awards is considered as one of the most influential film festival around the world. It is really a tremendous honor for those filmmakers whose works win the award.


The event includes around 25 awards like Best Foreign Language Film, Best Picture which provides more chances for films to some extent. Due to the limitation of the field, the only award for foreign films is Best Foreign Language Film. This award was set since the twentieth Academy Awards and the eligibility is very strict. The selection film must be the large-scale feature film and be on commercial cinemas between the 1stNovember of last year and 31th October of this year, besides, a country can only elect one film for competition. The jury for foreign language film and others are different, the number of foreign film’s experts are less than others’.

Around 59 foreign films have got this award, Italy wins 13 times and France gets award for 12 times who are the winners around the foreign countries. As we can see the film industry in these two countries are in mature stage, in addition, it has to be noticed that Coate d’Ivoire, Chile, Iran these imperfect film industry countries also have win for the Oscar which prove contributions for their film progress.

The themes of the winning films are multifarious and some of them don’t film about the major event like war. However I find almost all films have great significance and meaning, for example, the Iran film: A Separation tells the story about the couple and their family, although the content are focus on some daily things and contradictions, but it penetrates the balance between morality and law.

Among lots of excellent films, there is a special Chinese film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon who won the Best Foreign Language Film in 2001 and it’s the only Chinese film who win this award. Asian culture are totally different from west countries’, Chinese kung fu is a mysterious, distinctive part of Chinese culture which is unfamiliar with west countries, so the unique topic may be the attractive aspect for jury.


As one of the most significant film festivals around the world, it is really a precious chance for filmmakers in other countries to compete the Best Foreign Language Film. It enhances the communication of American filmmakers and others.

Exploring the Meaning of Hosting Film Festival through MIFF

I thought film festival is a distant event for the public before I attend the Melbourne International Film Festival. These kinds of events always be broadcasted on TV and Internet, lots of celebrities are invited to such large-scale activity which seems the gathering of famous people and filmmakers. I redefine the film festival after I get in touch with MIFF. Comparing to the competition tendency of those world-renowned film festival, MIFF focuses more on popularization of films and communication between film lovers, filmmakers.

As a multi-culture city, MIFF provides various choices to cater to different audiences’ tastes. Some countries’ films including Iran, Greece, Argentina, Iceland are rarely known by most audiences, MIFF covers wide range and audiences have chance to get in touch with these films. In addition, it is easily for people to choose their prefer films because the classification of these films are specific such as the fashion and sports part. Audiences don’t need to worry about the limitation of film selection. It has to be noticed that about 25 virtual reality films are available in this film festival which promote such kind of advanced technology film to the public and lead the new tendency of film festival.

An elephant sitting still is kind of poor popular Chinese movie but I am really interested in. Due to the dark theme and depression style, this film may not be on China or the original film will be cut some parts when it is shown on the cinemas. I appreciate that I can enjoy the original four hours movie in MIFF. This is the first and the last movie for the director Hu Bo, he suicided last year in his apartment. Actually Hu Bo was not known by the public and he was the fresh man in filmdom. His work may only be got in small groups without film festival. The film festival offers opportunity to those talented but unknown filmmakers. Hu Bo is a lucky dog because his only work is selected into many film festivals and achieves success as well.


It is my first time to join in such film festival, I believe it is more like a event to communicate cultures and ideas. For ideas exchange, although the film industries in some countries are in mature stage, those film makers still need to catch new inspiration to explore wider field of films. For cultural transfer, people may change their opinions for a country or an affair through the films, film festival is a platform for some countries to explore overseas market and gain positive attitudes.

As we can see, audiences get more choices in film festival than through cinema or online. All films that be broadcasted in the festival experience strict selection, in another words, these works reach to a certain degree which ensure audience can get in touch with high quality movies. For producers, film festival is the fair platform for them to do competition no matter fame experiences.