Film festival and luxury brand


If you watch the film festival, especially some of the international film festival, the celebrity always wearing luxury brand dresses and suits. At the same time, the luxury jewelry and watch are Important decoration for the celebrity. Every time, it is not only a film festival but also like a fashion show.




For the film festival, they are cooperating with the different brands. For example, FESTIVAL DE CANNES have several brands that cooperated with them. It contains different companies such as Mastercard, hp, Chopard and so on. At the same time, Palme d’O is one of the awards of CANNES film festivalthat the designer of Chopard produces the trophy. This is through a plan named “The Journey to Sustainable Luxury ”between Chopard and CANNES film festival. Thus, we could see that the brand playing an important role in the film festival. Likewise, some brand design some unique products for the film festival. For example, on 2016 Peking international film festival, IWC was designed a watch and just have 50 all over the world. This is not one example occurred, this has become a kind of trend in today’s world. Lots of the luxury brand tend to cooperate with the film festival. On the one hand, for the brands, this is a good approach to get lots of attention at the shortest time. On the other hand, for the film festival, there will be more sponsor of them and bring a high quality of film festival.


Most of the time, the luxury brand like Chanel, Dior and Prada provide dresses and bags for the celebrities. At the 75thVenezia film festival, there are lots of celebrity such as Naomi Watts, Matilda De Angelisand Hannah Gross choice the product of Prada. On the one hand, their dresses are special and expensive and suit on the film festival. On the other hand, it is a good advertising that there is a huge amount of audience of the film festival, it is a good approach to introduce the products of the brand. The film festival fashion already become a hot tag on social media that there are lots of people have interest in it. For the celebrity, the moment on the red carpet is important to show themselves and get more attention. most of the world’s greatest film artists are sponsored by the luxury brand. This is just like a battleground and the formal dress is the weapon of the artists.


As there are more and more film festival all over the world, the luxury brand has become an important part for the film festival. Every year, the fashion style on red carpet get the attention of the audience. As a successful film festival, there are always lots of brands cooperate with the film festival. Personally, I think the film industry is connected with the fashion industry. Moreover, to show a high quality and good taste, these brands provide their newest products for the celebrities, this is also a good approach to advertise the brand. For both the brand and the film festival, the cooperation could bring benefits.



“It’s not just the red carpet that’s fighting the film festival’s brand wars” soho, Accessed 13 sep 2018.


Busan international film festival

In october 04, 2018, the Busan international film festival will be held in Busan, southern of south Korea. Currently, Busan international film festival has become one of the famous film festivals in Asia even all over the world. In the past, the level of the film market in Asia is lower than America and some other developed countries. With the development of the economy and the entertainment industry in Asia, especially in South Korea,China and Japan, there are more and more people flood into the cinema to enjoy the film. At the same time, there are more film companies and producers. Thus, the film industry in Asia is a steep increase these days.


屏幕快照 2018-09-10 下午3.50.49As the introduction of the official website of BIFF. In 2018, there will be 323 films from 79 countries. it contains feature film, short films and so on. On the BIFF, there be lots of new producer and director all over the world bring various kind of films. Most of them are from Asia. At the same time, the BIFF is focusing on Asia market and provide a platform for independent filmmakers from different regions. The aim of the film festival is to provide an opportunity for the filmmaker to communicate with others and with the audiences.


As we know, south Korea is well known because of their entertainment industry and culture. One of the reasons for the reputation of the BIFF is that there will be lots of Korea celebrities and kpop idols join the film festival. Thus, every year, when the film festival starts, the tag of BIFF must be popular on social media in some Asia counties such as China, Malaysia, Japan and so on. For the celebrity, BIFF is a good opportunity for them to open the international market and let more people know about them. Every year, there are hundreds of actors join the film festival. These Korea actors and idols attract the attention of their fans all over the world. Thus, the reputation of the BIFF is bigger than other film festivals.

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“Trend of Southwest Asia and Central Asia, New Films and New Artists” is one of the topics of Busan film festival. At the BIFF, you can watch film from lots of country in Asia. At the same time, this is a platform for new artists to show their film. At the film festival, you can see lots of new artists. For most of them, BIFF is their first international film festival. Moreover, for new director, there are several awards for them such as new currents award, flash forward award and so on. These awards are for the new dirctors from Asia to find the talent of them.


Overall, as the film industry is under a rapid increase these days in Asia, there are more and more producer bring their film to the film festival. Busan film festival as one of the biggest film festival in Asia, has lots of reputation and get the attention of the audience all over the world. It is a good opportunity for the director to show their film.


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Expose social reality film & film festival

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 7.37.04 pm

During the film festival, one of the films named ‘UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY’ made a deep impression on me. That film reflected the dispute between the Kimberley, which is an area of West Australia and the government. As the public could find the detail on the MIFF website, the theme of this film is environmental. During the film festival, I have watched this film at the cinema and listened to the interview with the director and the actor. To my surprise, not only to advertise their film, this term was talking a lot about Kimberley. At the same time, most of the main actors are from Kimberley. The aim of them is not only let more people know their products but also get more real information about the people in Kimberley.


When we went to the film festival, we had an opportunity to communicate with the director and the actors directly. As the main actor said in the interview, this movie showed the true condition of Kimberly and the aim of them is let more people know about these disputes and issues.when we watched it, it is moving that the aborigines love their hometown so much and tended to protect their hometown by themselves.


In today’s world, there are lots of films insinuate the social phenomenon or disputation of special areas. For example, at the 62ndBerlin film festival, there are several films shows social phenomenon and historical problems. In these films, the audience could watch unsanitary living conditions, the harsh working environment of people in some developing countries. likewise, in a film named ‘reluctant revolutionary’, the filmmaker Sean McAllister who is from Ireland used the eyes of tourist guide Kais, shows the events of the revolution in Yemen (Gemunden 2012). These films let the audience get information about these issues and tend to pay attention to these areas. In my opinion, the aim of these directors is not only producing a good film and let more knowledgeable about their film. At the same time, they would like to get the attention of the audience and let them know about the story behind the movie.


During the film festival and some research of the film festival, it is clear to see that the film festival is a good platform for the producer to show their film. Thus, if some film shows the condition of some sensitive issues or special areas all over the world, it will get more attention of people and let more people know about these issues. at the same time, as the social media become the main approach for people to communicate, it will bring more reputation for these produces. I watched a lot of amazing films all over the world. Some of them are mock the unfair world is human right. If these good film could get more attention and let more people think about it, even it cannot change the world, its still has it value to bring some positive emotion to people.



Gemünden, Gerd. “” Time for outrage!” The 62nd Berlin Film Festival returns to its political roots.” Film Criticism 36.3 (2012): 45.


MIFF in Melbourne city

Melbourne film festival is one of the important entertainment activity for people in Australia even the whole world film fans. During the festival, there are hundreds of films showing at  the cinema of Melbourne. At that period, people can buy the ticket online and join the film festival and have opportunities to communicate with the directors and the actors.


Personally, I have no experience of any film festival that this is the first time to join in a film festival. To my surprise, there are not all commercial film. Most of the film are the small mass film. As the purpose of the MIFF, through the film, we will become close with the society. during the film festival, there are lots of documentaries shows the social issues. At the same time, the film festival provides more opportunities for the beginner directors to show their film and the catch the attention of the audience.



As we can see on the official website of MIFF, the mission of the MIFF is ‘bring to you the story of the world through curated and unforgettable screen experience’. If you research on the MIFF, there are lots of films from different countries for you to choose from. Some of them are old film and not easy to watch, the film festival provides the chance for the fan of the film to watch these films. These films are different concepts, under different cultural background and different means of artistic expression. For the audience, this is the best chance to know about their favorite concept of the film and know various cultures all over the world.


Melbourne film festival already has about 66 years of history that it has good management, high performance, and reputation all over the world. As one of the world oldest film all over the world, it is a good platform for the filmmakers to show their products. For Melbourne city, the success of the film festival is generating both social and economic capital for Melbourne and Victoria. With the hold of the festival, there will be more people come to Melbourne and know about this city. At the same time, there are lots of film producer from Australia, which means this is a good way to increase the development of the film industry of Australia.


Overall, the film festival is a unique way for Melbourne to get more attention. As the film industry has a rapid development all over the world, hold a film festival providing a platform for the producers to show their films. For the Melbourne city, during the film festival, there are lots of the audience go to the cinema to watch their interest films and attendance at the festival. Not only an approach to earn money, the film festival let the film culture of Melbourne deeper. The 2018 MIFF is over now. However, there will be more and more interest film showed on the next MIFF. At the same time, the influence of the film festival will let more director bring their film to the festival and provide more choice for the audience.`