Go to a film festival and enjoy it

Films are becoming more and more popular now in everyone’s life and Cinema is becoming one of people’s favourite entertaining places to go. People choose cinemas as place to have dates or selected as place to chill with friend at Friday night, and etc. The total number of box office now has been blown out in a ridiculously big number. We can definitely say that almost everyone has been to cinema for a film at least once. However, has everyone been to a film festival? the answer is an absolutely no! Why?


Firstly, it is true that cinema is everywhere, that film festivals are mostly once per year in some cultural cities, like Melbourne, Berlin and etc. Everyone knows that not every city has its own film festival. Commonly, the film festival only last 2-3weeks. It is the fact that the film festivals are not easy to access for public. Secondly, especially in the 21st century, people love Super Hero theme movies, comedy movies and movies can bring them feeling of satisfaction. Most of the audiences don’t like the films that makes them feel upset, let them think too hard and dissatisfy them. Recent decades, the pace of people’s lives is becoming faster and faster and people’s jobs getting harder and harder. They want the movies can entertain them and make them laugh. However, these kinds of films are not popular in the film festival, most of the film festival films are associated with social problem, emotional entanglements and etc. In general, film festival films are less likely entertaining, they are more seriously and more artistic. Thirdly, all the films presented in the cinema have the same goal which is making the box office number as big as possible. Yes, all those films are made to fit the mass public ‘s favour. The directors are making film for audiences, they try their best to make audience satisfied as we mentioned above. However, films in film festival normally don’t set the number in the box office as their main goal, they made films for artistic purpose more than beneficial purpose. Films in film festivals are also in film festivals competition and judges of competition are all great and reputed legends in the film fields and they set a more artistic standard for all the film.

Then, should we go to the film festival? Yes, absolutely. The film festival experience can be explained in one word, CLOSE. In the film festival, you are most likely watching the film with its directors and producing team. You can ask them question about the film, they will also tell you stories behind the film, and it is truly great. You understand the film better and you enjoy the film more than only watching them in the front of a big screen. Watching films in the film festival is like joining a party with the producing team. It is also a great opportunity to watch the films in a beautiful and historic halls or theatre. One of the venues in Melbourne International Film Festival called Forum Theatre was a brilliant place to watch films. It is a special experience. It is definite a ‘Must’ for everyone to be a part of a film festival.

Films as a way to talk

Mass media changes the way how people think, and especially change the way how people present their opinions. Most common way of how people present their ideas is talking, but the fast development and popularisation of mass media ends to give people alternative ways to speak out their thoughts, and encourage them to talk about on everything, even politics, the most sensitive topic. Now these days, speaking though a media ends gets more and more popular since 20th century to 21st century, these days, people can post a statement on twitter, Facebook, they can broadcast their opinion in the radio, and yes, they can make a film and delivery their viewpoints by a film.

Films are telling audience stories and facts though voices and images. It’s more persuasive than simple languages. It drags audience into a story, a scene so they can understand the story of film and receive the messages sent by director better. Hence it is more often films become the document to expose ugly facts around world in different corners and the files represent peoples’ standpoints though a visual presentation.

The film in the 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival called UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY was a good example. The film is a documentary form, it tells audiences what is happening to the indigenous people in the area in North region of West Australia where is far away from most of Australian publics. Because of the geometrical location of the Kimberley area, it is hard for publics to knows what is going on there and what is the local people’s appeal. Even what happening in the Kimberley area are associated with environment which is hottest topic in the world, public won’t the story until, the director Nicholas Wrathall brings the story into the screen of Melbourne International Film Festival. This film uncovers the facts of current aboriginal’s living situation and explores their understanding of their land associated with their own Culture. The film as a medium to transport the message from the indigenous people who lived in North West of Australian to everyone in Australia and the rest of the World. Their voices can be heard by others though the film. This is a really amazing part of film. Film is a tool to make a better world in a different way.

However, films can also be used to broadcast injustice. During the second world war, Nazism promoted their standpoint and even themselves to public though making Nazi Propaganda films, their own film office called NSDAP was established in 1931 and produced hundreds of Nazi propaganda films since then, examples like Erbkarnk, Alles Leben and etc.

It is widely known now that films can tell public stories, delivery messages, appeal peace and work in so many other justice ways, it also can be used as tool by terrorists to broadcast their evil opinions. Film festival as a platform to present most of the films from the category of social justice, the film festival should take the responsibility of making sure that films selected in the film festival reveals the positive and healthy information to the public.



Think after watching films in Melbourne International Film Festival

Last week, Melbourne International Film Festival ended on 19th August. The films finished, the event ended, but things inspired by those films are kept by every audience, these things are brought into audiences by different films, but they are a much bigger world than what films presented. MIFF is my first time experiencing a film festival, it is an enjoyable and special experience. Those films bring me to a boarder film word, I have been taught to look at the word from different angles, and my thought on my life was influenced.

Films festivals brings a diverse range of films to the audience. They will fit everyone’s taste. The films in competition are from different countries, even films are different languages, it won’t affect audience’s interest and passion. There are films about loves, reality, journey, equality and etc. There were tragic and happy stories. A big film world present to audience from different directors and actors’ perspectives.  Audiences will able to see and understand different views of a scenario. This is one of the biggest reasons why film festivals are so popular. Film directors and film makers, as competitors, they join the film festivals to figure out whether the direction they choose in film making process is well-accepted by others in the film industry, while every competitor learned from other’s pierce of work as well. At the same time, audiences in the film festival had a great chance to watch every best pierce of work from each talent directors.

Meanwhile, some of those films may blow your mind of films or even your mind of your world view. I was lucky to have a chance to watch the movie called UNDERMINED: TALES FROM THE KIMBERLEY alongside with the film directors and actors. It is a documentary, and it present a beautiful land called The Kimberley and deeply discussion on development of aboriginal’s home land from both government and indigenous people’s perspectives. It shows us what sadly happened on indigenous people who has lived in The Kimberley Land for long generations after government’s decision on developing their land. Unfairness and injustice are everywhere in the screen. What this film brings to me is an absolutely new world. Although the story is happened on the other side of the country, but we had no idea about what happened in the Kimberley until we saw the movie.  While I was watching the film, it reminds another film called The Motorcycle Diaries, without watching the film The Motorcycle Diaries, I will never know what happened to South American’s farmers and disadvantaged groups. The two films are telling two totally different stories, but both of them are appealing one same thing, social justice. We audiences, most of us lived in peace and relatively fair environment, we need to think about few questions after watching the films; what the film try to tell us; what the film is appealing for; and what we can do? It is interesting that after the film, during the Q & A program, there is no audience ask the question about beautiful scene taking techniques or any other questions about film skills and etc, audience cares more about the story. This is something special about the films in the film festival.  The films not only use techniques to presents you animation that makes fell familiar, but they tell audiences stories and take them into a bigger world.The kimberly

You local film festival can bring more than you can imagine

Over last few years, a lot of public attention has been put on “big” famous film festivals, especially, Cannes and Berlinale film festivals. Before being an international film festivals, they are phenomenal in their own cities. Almost every citizens have been involved during hosting period of festivals. Film Festivals become a delightful event for every local citizens and tourists to celebrate. Film Festivals provide involvers with wide ranges of great movies, they bring impressive benefit to the local economy, and they promote the hosting city to the rest of the world. Most importantly, film festivals is growing as some real highlights of the host city. Cannes is known by public for its Cannes film festival. However, it is unfortunately that many film festivals is not as successful as the Cannes film festival. Melbourne, as an iconic city with rich culture and art heritage,  deserves a more popular film festival and Melbourne international film festival can bring more to the city.

Film festivals provide audiences with a wide range of film. Films in competitions are from a diverse range of countries and made by talent artificial workers. Most of those films are not limited by commercial or some other restrictions, like investment, return and etc. The films competing in the film festivals are ‘pure art’, which is only aiming to achieve a success in an artificial field instead of making big numbers on box office. ‘Pure art’ is something really rare in the 21st  century, not only in film market but also other creative industries. A nameless movie called An Elephant Sitting Still in 2018 Melbourne international film festival has draw a lot of attention from the media because of the story of its film director. The direction suicided for his insistent in the film, he fighted against his film producers, he refuses to sacrifice his films for future investment.  It is tragic story, but this tells us what kind film that MIFF is bringing to the audience, they are pure artificial pieces. They are existing for art not for cinema, they are films for art not for box office numbers.

A great films festival has the potential to bring considerable economic benefit to local business. Festival De Cannes is a great example. Cannes has a population of 73k people, during the period of film festival, The population of Cannes increase dramatically to 180k, almost triple the amount of local population. Festival De Cannes made Cannes a great tourism destination during the film festival. More than 100k tourists bring a lot of business opportunities for local shops, restaurants and hotels. Melbourne international Film Festival haven’t become as successful as Cannes’, but MIFF have the potential to do better.

Cannes numbers

While Australian open and F1 host in Melbourne, Melbourne shows it is capacity and ability to host those amounts of tourists, and it gains a great payback from those events. One especially, is the city branding. Melbourne International Film Festival is also part of city branding events. It is one of the beneficial function of film festivals. Melbourne Film festival is an invitation letters for tourism to meet and visit Melbourne.  Tourism comes to Melbourne for film festival but Melbourne had the chance to show the other perspective of its ‘personality’.

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