Thoughts and Reflections About the KOFFIA

The Korean Film Festival in Australia abbreviated as KOFFIA has been running for nine years now. Many Australian citizens and other people around the world have been following keenly to understand the different genres and cultures demonstrated during the annual festivals. Many issues have been driving the viewers and listeners to continue waiting for the annual program (Boon, 2014). In the year 2018, the annual festival spans for twenty-three days and nights. The festival runs in different Australian cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra. This paper focuses on my thoughts and reflections relating to the different film festivals in the KOFFIA program. Notably, I will focus on the Melbourne 2018 program that ran from 6th to 13th September this year.


Firstly, I believe that many people await these annual festivals because they showcase the Korean cultures. The viewers and listeners can understand the traditions, beliefs, and practices of the Korean people through the film. The hunger for the knowledge about other cultures influences many people due to the multicultural nature of the society. Individuals have been moving from one country to another in search of jobs, education, business opportunities, and other diplomatic activities. There is a need to understand the way the Koreans behave through their films. The 2018 annual festival in Melbourne informs the viewers about the clothing, foods, lifestyle, language, religious beliefs, and traditions of Koreans.

My second thought about the 2018 Melbourne, KOFFIA is that it is one of the best festivals in the world now. Having a single program that showcases all the genres in twenty days is not a simple idea. The annual festival covers the needs of all the music lovers because all genres can be accessed in one program. All the genre movies including the documentary and action films are available in the program. The production value of the Korean movies and other artworks is also super. The producers selected the best colors, background music, lighting, and sound throughout the movies. The viewers will not get bored easily even after watching it for twenty-three days. All the twenty-two films showcased this year in the four Australian cities were prepared by the top-notch talents. The Korean festivals are directed and prepared by the world-renowned artists. Most people are attracted by the men and women behind the cameras.

Thirdly, I think the themes and topical issues covered in the Korean films attract the viewers. One film that I believe many people love is the Little Forest. This video follows a young girl named Hye-won as she leaves the prestigious life to stay with her childhood friends. The audiences are left wondering and looking forward to living a simple life. The film directors focused on the various topical issues that attract the viewers in Australia. However, I believe that the Closing Night film should not have been included in the 2018 Melbourne program. It promotes vices such as cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, and sexual cohabiting (Travis, 2018). I found out that people of different socio-demographic characteristics watch these movies. Children, for example, may get the wrong picture about the way they should live. I think that the government should censor and classify the movies to suit the characteristics of the different viewers. Other movies in the 2018 program such as the Taxi Driver, Forgotten, and Midnight Runners were good for the viewers.



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