The secret behind the successful operation of the festival

Nowadays, the film festival is not just a simple party, it has become a platform for communication and cooperation in film business projects. Especially after 2000, due to the rise of the Internet and the integration of global trade, the global trading of films has become more active, and commercial communication has become the main content of some film festivals. Therefore, how to successfully operate a business activity with many exchange resources and communication forms, and how to promote the effective operation of the film festival has become a matter for film festival organizers to consider.


1.Cooperative alliance

A cooperative alliance refers to a cooperative relationship between a film festival organizer and other organizations. Members of the participating alliances can share various resources, such as video resources, application funds, media resources, and personal resources.

Most of the cooperative alliances play the role of co-organizers in the festival. For example, the organizers of the Denver International Film Festival assisted the Aurora Film Festival in completing the docking work with the local government. This type of cooperative alliance completes communication on the one hand and provides good service and management for the smooth development of the festival on the other hand. The form of this cooperative alliance has two advantages: First, the film festival organizers can share operating costs and reduce expenses. Second, it promoted business communication and cooperation in the film market.

  1. Geographic location

Location is also an important factor in the festival, especially for viewers, businesses and the media. Usually, the location of the festival will be chosen in tourist destinations and cities of commercial value, and influential film festivals will promote regional economic income.

In 1932, the first international film festival was held in Venice, which transformed Venice from a small tourist town in Europe into one of the global resort centers. Many years later, the film festival kept Venice exposed in front of the public, and the local scenery made the characteristics of the Venice Film Festival more obvious. Therefore, the cultural attributes of the city itself are the main reason for the film festival to maintain its vitality.

  1. Theme

To judge whether a film festival has international credibility, the key depends on whether it has its own characteristics in the overall cultural style. Relying on the unique temperament, the film festival organizers can carry out more targeted activities and build the ideas and framework of the film festival.

The theme features make the film festival activities no longer single, with clear direction and meaning. The Venice Film Festival is the world’s first international film festival. It focuses on art, while the Cannes Film Festival focuses more on the combination of business and art. The Berlin Film Festival focuses on politics and society. The theme of these festivals is very obvious.


Both the organizers of the festival and the practitioners associated with the festival are participating in the film festival in their own way. Therefore, the successful operation of a film festival is closely related to each participant. Only through mutual cooperation and harmonious coexistence can the platform be used to its fullest effect.

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