MIFF reshapes film culture with “shared value”

As a large-scale cultural event, the film festival is to build a resource distribution platform for film art viewing, communication, trading, promote cross-regional and cross-cultural film communication. The “shared value” of the film festival is to let more viewers share the charm of film art. Through the holding of the Melbourne International Film Festival, we can see outstanding film works from all over the world each year, including many classic films, which shows the love and desire of the audiences of all countries for the film art. Therefore, the film festival is very helpful to enhance the artistic appreciation of local audiences and expand the international vision. In this process, the sharing and exchange of art resources has a positive impact on reshaping the multi-value of movies.

图片 1

At the same time, the shared value of film festivals can also achieve cross-cultural cooperation between filmmakers and film capital. Art creation is never a person’s creation. “Shared value” gives the film production team the opportunity to show themselves, exchange ideas and expand cooperation. Many famous film masters have paid attention to the film festival, the film festival plays an important role in cultivating local film talents. The art elites from all over the world share the film ideas and artistic views at the film festivals, and enhance the theoretical construction, innovation and technological progress of international films. The festival has unique advantages in expanding capital cooperation and optimizing resource allocation. Using the film festival platform to realize the sharing of ideas, experiences and markets, attract world film talents and expand the influence of movies, therefore reshaping the film industry model, talent cultivation and film policy system construction, “shared value” is an important foundation.


In my country,as the influenced by historical factors and political factors, Chinese film and film artists have not received enough attention in the world film art evaluation system. There is an imbalance between the internationality of the film market and the art of film, which is also an embarrassing situation facing Chinese movies. The question is how to expand the international communication space of domestic films and promote Chinese films to the world. Thinking from this starting point, the local film festival may be a new idea to break through the difficulties. In the large-scale film festival, many internationally renowned film artists form a jury to select all the shortlisted films, and the artistic quality of the award-winning films directly reflects the professional standards of the festival. At the domestic local film festivals, we evaluate the films of the world and show the artistic standards and aesthetic qualities of Chinese films. This process is an important means to gradually construct the international discourse power of Chinese films.

The MIFF is a unique cultural system with vitality. The International Film Festival exhibition has a lot of history in terms of organizational experience, professional ability, film quality and international influence. Adhering to the concept of “shared value”, building a competitive film festival brand and letting the film festival return to the film art itself can spread the charm and art of the film to more people.

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