“Father of the International Film Festival” Venice Film Festival

Venice is a world-famous Italian cultural city. It is also a place of interest for tourists from all over the world. Its waterways, flowing waves, and small boats swaying on the water, all the scenery is fascinating. Every year from the end of August to the beginning of September, this beautiful and romantic water city has become the focus of the world’s film industry, because the Venice Film Festival is held here.


The Venice Film Festival, held in 1932, is the world’s first film festival. It is 14 years earlier than the Cannes Film Festival and 19 years earlier than the Berlin Film Festival. These three film festivals are also known as major international film festivals in Europe. The three famous film festivals and the long history make the Venice Film Festival known as the “father of the International Film Festival”.

The Venice Film Festival was suspended from 1943 to 1945 due to the occurrence of the Second World War. It really formed its own style after it was reopened in 1946. The French film master Jean Renoir’s “Southerners” won the “Best International Film Award”, and since then “Mann” and “The Prince’s Revenge” have won awards, showing the film’s extraordinary artistic atmosphere.


In 1949, the film festival officially renamed the highest award “Best International Film” as “St. Mark Golden Lion Award”; in 1953, the “Best Italian Film” was withdrawn, and the “St. Mark Silver Lion Award” was added. It is the Venice Film Festival,this change shows the ambition of the Venice Film Festival’s internationalization and artisticization.

The biggest feature of the Venice Film Festival is the principle of independence and the spirit of adventure. The purpose of the film festival is “the film serves the serious art” and the criterion is “artistic”. The Venice Film Festival is known as the “new, strange, fast” excavation director, known as the “cradle of the film master”, in the golden age of the film from the 1930s to the 60s, it is the cradle of many film masters.

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