Creation: Movies are more important than box office

Adhering to artistic creation in a tempting market environment requires a determination and a passion for the true meaning of the film. For those directors who are still focused on art films, the film itself is much more important than money. Zhang Yang’s new work “The Soul on the Leather Rope,” was shortlisted for the “Golden Jubilee Award”, he lived in Tibet for a year with the creative team in order to shoot the film, the film did not use celebrity. Although the finalist of the “Golden Jubilee Award” is a certainty, the current mainland film market lacks sufficient interest in this type of film. Zhang Yang believes that as a creator, who must put the pursuit of art first.


Film festival should pay more attention to art films. As the chairman of the jury of the “Asian Newcomer Award”, Er Dongsheng said that the environment is not friendly to art films. He called on the film festival to pay more attention to art films, the awards should only look at the quality of art and not consider the box office. In Er Dongsheng’s view, the film has always been divided into two directions, the public and the small group, or it can be called commercial films and art films. “I personally think that the film festival should go in the direction of the art film.” Er Dongsheng quoted Li Hanxiang’s words to explain: “There is a director in Hong Kong who said that Li Hanxiang said, “If your film has achieved results in the market, you should be polite when you participate in the film festival.” Although the film festival’s promotion of art films is not satisfactory, there is no better promotion platform than the film festival. Zhang Yang said that because “The Soul on the Leather Cord” was shortlisted for the “Golden Jubilee Award”, it has aroused the interest of many people, including the international film festival. The Toronto and Busan Film Festivals have invited the film.


Art Cinema is the way out, although the director of the art film can ignore the shackles of the market, the film is a work after all. The difficulty of distribution and the pressure of investment cost recovery will affect the creators. The famous director Liu Ziwei has already felt the pressure. She expressed the hope that the film market will give more space for small-cost excellent movies. The idea of the movie “The Soul on the Leather Rope” is more practical, even considering free distribution online. However, in the face of the current social pressure, it is difficult for art films to find a real audience, and the creators’ hard work should be treated fairly.

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