Melbourne International Film Festival Review

I really like the theme this year: See Another Side of Movie. Over 66 years, the founder of Melbourne International Film Festival is experienced to promote and host such a wonderful and meaningful festival in Melbourne. Compared to the theme in 2017 “Explore the New World”, I definitely prefer the theme in 2018 because as a student who is studying Communication and Media Studies, I am curious about the story behind screening. How directors transfer their ideas into a real story, how scriptwriters collaborate and communicate with actors, what the whole procedure of casting is and so on… I never hope that these questions could all be solved but at least I can learn a little more about this industry and think out of the box from lecture room to the production studio. Luckily I found that there were several talks during film festival for people who are interested in production and film culture. Even after I watched the movie Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley, the director appeared with actor and actress. They kindly had a Q&A time and it made me think deeply about the meaning which the movie carries. It was an enjoyable time.

Venue are located at different cinemas in Melbourne CBD area such as the most luxurious comedy theater in town and The Kino palace cinema in Collins street. Closing night gala is amazing as red carpet reminds attendees of Academy Awards. The fantastic decoration, good catering and drinks, and nice performance make it one of the most fabulous film festival in Melbourne in 2018.

As for the film selection, I am glad that 2018 MIFF covers a wide range of themes and most of them are acknowledged as great movie with talented director such as filmmaker of  An Elephant Sitting still, Widelife and Shoplifters. From controversial themes like feminism and racism, to family-friendly themes like animals and comedy, 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival is presenting a positive image that everyone is equal and welcomed in the world and love and hope always exist. Like Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley, it talks about the conflict between breathtaking natural view and industrialization and even immigration issue in Australia. I think the best part is that the director encouraged us to share the story of Kimberley and donate for the environmental-friendly organization to try to protect the pure wonderland in the world after he shared his ideas of producing this amazing film.

I think marketing team of MIFF also did very well because I could see the advertisement of this film festival on every social media platform and printed media everywhere. Hashtag, event reminder and newspaper delivery are well used to grab attention from all age groups. What’s more, the website design is so convenient to search for films in different categories like emotions and themes and even provides professional recommendation to meet the demand of different people. Compared to 2017 MIFF website, artistic effect is much better which could be shown on eye-catching picture and page design.

Overall, I am looking forward to attending 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival as 2018 MIFF was a really stunning event.

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