Keys to Your Heart Review: 2018 KOFFIA

In 2018 Korean Film Festival in Australia, The movie is about a boxer, Jo-ha, who was expelled from the industry tried to come back to boxing competition but he accidently met his mother and decided to take care of his autistic younger brother. Jo-ha found that younger brother is a piano talent so that he helped him to realize his dream.

A man who never gets love and care from parents, a younger brother with autism, a mother who takes care of her son while always hideing her cancer, a piano talent girl who lost her leg because of car accident…… every character is quite unique in Korean movie and the director is also good at adding up emotional element by concentrating on details. For example, the moment when brothers ate ice cream together and made a face and the back which Lee was scolded by mother after he brought younger brother out. And there is no doubt that Byung-Hun Lee (Jo-ha) has excellent acting skill. He could act in blockbuster as well as this warmhearted cult movie. Audiences could follow his performance to feel the depression from his bitter childhood life (being abused by father and his mother ran away from home) and struggle after he grew up (lonely life). But Jo-ha still treats everyone well in the world as he is a tolerant person with a heart of gold. Jo-ha is just vulnerable and desire for care but acting like he doesn’t care about love at all.

“Impossibility is not the fact. It’s just an opinion. ” This word is repeated in the movie. In fact, it reflects Jin-tae, younger brother’s life. Although Jin-tae is autistic, he showed brilliances in playing the piano. The actor, Jung-min Park, practiced the piano for ten months. In the movie audiences never feel sympathetic towards him from his natural performance. Instead, Jin-tae kept showing positive attitude to his life. It seems that Jin-tae lives in a world full of beauty and sunshine so that he is very happy and always has expectation on the future. Autism is just a part of his life. Piano means a lot more to him. That’s why Jin-tae still felt satisfied when he lost the piano competition and applauded for others sincerely because he believes everything is the best and pure.

The typical Korean style family movie tries to show audiences about the bright side of life throughout combining several imperfect characters with separate stories together. We can understand what these families have suffered and their predictable future. However, Keys to The Heart is the distillation of miserable experience. We are still touched because we need love, forgiveness, responsibility and faith.

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