To see another side of the film by MIFF 2018

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) was found in 1952, which is the first international film festival in Australia and one of the most significant film festivals in the southern hemisphere. MIFF showcases different movies from all over the world, and also be dedicated to local film.


In MIFF 2018, the category I am concerned about is the Asia Pacific, Headliners, Virtual Reality, and Documentaries. There are not only several Australian movies will be showcased in MIFF 2018, such as 1%, Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley, Acute misfortune, but also many award-winning international films, for example An Elephant Sitting still, whose director has own The 68th Berlin International Film Festival Best First Feature Award special mention, Wildlife which was nominated for Golden Camera at The 71st Cannes Film Festival (2018), Shoplifters which won Palme d’Or at The 71st Cannes Film Festival (2018).


I went to the Forum Theatre to watch a movie premiere called Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley and join the Q&A session. This experience not only gave me an understanding of Australian films but also strengthened my views on film festivals.

Before the film screening, the host gave an opening lecture and invited filmmakers to give a brief introduction to the film. And the host invited a major character of the film to sing a song for the audience. After his singing, the film officially began to show. Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley is a documentary that expresses controversy between indigenous people and the government about exploiting Kimberley. There are a lot of interviews with local residents in the film, which give a real feeling for the audience.

When Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley was ended, the audience applauded in the theater. After a short break, the host invited director, producer and the main character back to the stage for Q&A session. One of those questions made me remember deeply, the question is the purpose of making this film. The filmmakers mentioned the value of filmmaking which inspired me to think the meaning of a movie, sometimes it not only a program for the audience, it also could become a platform to convey ideas, to show a real story for the generation. At the end of the Q&A session, the main character who comes from Kimberley urged everyone to promote this documentary and share their stories in order to let more people know what happened to them.WechatIMG5.jpeg


This is my very first time to take participate in the Melbourne International Film Festival. MIFF 2018 brings many foreign movies together to give the audience a choice of different cultural backgrounds and different film themes. In addition, there are several local films I have never heard, such as Undermined: Tales From the Kimberley which I have watched in the theatre, it is a great opportunity for international students to get a whole picture of Australian movies.


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