the 68th Belin International Film Festival

Last summer holiday, I returned to China and worked as an intern at a publishing and media company, and was placed in the overseas copyright purchasing department. Fortunately, the internship coincided with the Berlin International Film Festival, so in February of this year, I had the opportunity to go to Germany with the team to attend the 68th Berlin International Film Festival.


The Berlin International Film Festival was founded in 1951 and is also known as the three major international film festivals in Europe with the Cannes International Film Festival and the Venice International Film Festival. The highest award at the Berlin International Film Festival is the Golden Berlin Bear. Its purpose is to strengthen the exchange of film workers from all over the world and promote the improvement of the film art. The main prizes of the Berlin Film Festival include the Golden Berlin Bear and the Silver Berlin Bear. The Golden Berlin Bear is awarded to the best feature films, documentaries, science films, and art films. The Silver Berlin Bear is awarded to the best director, actor, actress, screenwriter, Music, photography, art, youth works, or feature films with special achievements, etc.

In addition,  in order to have a deep understanding of the Berlin International Film Festival, before we went to Berlin, my team also did a lot of preparation work. I was mainly responsible for scheduling the meeting time by emailing filmmakers, confirming the position of the booth, and making a detailed timetable in advance. Moreover, our goal was to import about 70 movies from the Berlin International Film Festival which would comply with Chinese film introduction regulations, for example, there would be possible unable to pass the review of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) if the imported films conveying bad values or have excessive violence and bloodiness. However, not all films will be screened at the film festival, and most of the filmmakers will provide us a pamphlet with a list of films which are available purchases. Therefore, it is necessary for our team to select which movie we would buy in advance.


When we arrived in Berlin, there were three venues at the Berlin International Film Festival, but most of the filmmakers were at the main venue, and some films needed an invitation to be watched. Entering the venue, each filmmaker had its own independent booth, with its own video posters, mascots and so on.


After this experience, I learned that the film festival is divided into the ordinary audience, journalist media, filmmakers and buyers. The latter two are the movie market. The film market is also part of the film festival. From the perspective of the film festival circuit, film festivals are as the springboard for filmmakers. I think film markets as a part of film festivals also give filmmakers a great opportunity to export films and
Increase visibility overseas.

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