Melbourne Women in Film Festival

This semester, my major Communication and Media Studies has a course called industry project which has a project related to the film festival. Because of the interest in film festivals, I took to participate in the first meeting of my classmates and clients. This film festival is called Melbourne Women in Film Festival, and my friends’ team is mainly responsible for expanding their influence through the promotion of this film festival. Through this meeting and my research, I have an in-depth understanding of Melbourne Women in Film Festival.


Melbourne Women in Film Festival has been established in 2017, which is a non-profit festival aimed at celebrating and supporting the work of women filmmakers and creatives, such as writers, directors, producers to cinematographers, editors and sound designers. Melbourne Women in Film Festival is committed to envisioning a world where a diversity of women’s voices, stories, and creativity are equally recognized and celebrated. Their annual festival promotes a large number of talented Australian women who work within all areas of screen production, exhibiting works of all genres and styles by women filmmakers and showcasing the diversity of women’s perspectives through conversation and storytelling. It is a film festival that passionate about hearing and sharing more women’s stories.


There were several film festivals’ missions have been listed on the lecture of week 6, through researching, I found out the mission of Melbourne Women in Film Festival, which is to convey an engaging and accessible annual film festival in Melbourne that showcases and encourages the diverse works of Australian women screen technicians and creatives, and to maintain for gender equality and diversity in the Australian screen industries by facilitating conversation between a community of industry, audiences and practitioners. As a film festival with a clear style and theme, the programming of Melbourne Women in Film Festival is quite significant which decides on the identity of the film festival. For instance, in 2019 festival, Melbourne Women in Film Festival is keen on movies that program women’s films that revel in the darker side of life. In addition, Melbourne Women in Film Festival need the movies to have a woman-identified person in the key creative role, such as writer, cinematographer, editor, composer, producer or director and have an explicit connection with Australia.
mwff_2018_webres_0_0.pngMelbourne Women in Film Festival has a clear mission and film selected regulations, which has turned the festival into a medium for appealing gender equality and diversity, and for films that enter the festival, there is a beneficial effect on encouraging women in screen industries.

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