A Fresh but Popular Film Festival–BJIFF

Although Beijing international film festival (BJIFF) hasn’t got long history yet, BJIFF has already attracted a large number of guests and audience in every single year. Except for Chinese celebrities, BJIFF also invites foreign well-known filmmakers to give speeches such as Marco Muller, James Cameron, Luc Besson, and Keanu Charles Reeves. BJIFF provides a platform for filmmakers and actors to share experience and exchange ideas.

In 2016, the opening ceremony of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival was held in Yanqi Lake and was divided into four chapters which were To the Times, To the Movie, To Beijing, and To the Audience. The movie stars were gathered on the red carpet. The main creatives of various films appeared such as Miss Partners, New York New York, Crosscurrent and My War. In addition, including the chairman of the jury Brett Ratner who is one of the most popular American directors, another six judges were unveiled on the opening ceremony.WechatIMG2 1.jpeg

( The jury of 6th Beijing International Film Festival )

Directed by Xue Xiaolu, Finding Mr. Right 2 starring Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo was selected for the opening film of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival.


( Poster of Finding Mr. Right 2 )


During the film festival, nearly 800 films were screened at Beijing theatres. I watched a few movies in the different cinemas,  however, what impressed me the most was an Irish film called The Lobster.

WechatIMG5 1.jpeg

The background of the movie is set in a fictional near-future society, and the residents’ love and marriage are strictly controlled. According to the regulations, singles must be transferred to a hotel in a centralized manner. They must find a matching partner within 45 days. The loser will be converted into a self-selected animal and be exiled to the forest. In order to extend the 45-day period, the singles in the hotel will also go to the forest to hunt other escaped singles. Although the type of the film is a fantasy comedy, after watching it, I felt that the meaning of the film is still very deep, and make me have different thoughts about love. The Lobster was nominated for the best original script of the 89th Academy Awards, nominated for the Golden Palm Award at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, and the best actor nomination for the 74th Golden Globe Comedy.


Beijing International Film Festival not only gives Chinese filmmakers a chance to exchange experience with global filmmakers but also shares opportunities for Chinese audiences to enjoy wider and more diverse films from all over the world. BJIFF is becoming a significant platform to develop film business, enhance Chinese and exotic film cooperation, and provide opportunities for cultural communication.

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