Attendance at MIFF

This year I got the chance to attend the most popular and oldest Melbourne based film festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) in Australia. It was my chance to get to watch the international cinema. Founded in 1952, the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is the largest festival that of Australia and the Southern Hemisphere that is held every year over three weeks in Melbourne, Australia. (Melbourne International Film Festival 2018).37°South is the finance market of MIFF that plays essential part in making Melbourne a platform for national and international screen industry (Melbourne International Film Festival 2018).Michelle Carey is handling all the work as the artistic director at MIFF since 2017.

The 2018 was the 67th year of Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). The festival happened between August 2-19 and showcased 254 feature films, 19 virtual reality experiences, and 120 shorts.  It was the largest selection, including 43 titles from Cannes, African cinema, fashion, indigenous people, and Italo-Crime genre. Some of the best cinematic delights hosted during the MIFF from all around the world includes Wildlife, The Tale (a childhood trauma drama), Profile (horror thriller), Juliet, Naked (adaptation), The Green Fog (Mystery & Suspense), Damsel (western comedy), Kusama Infinity (documentary), Leave No Trace (drama). Not forgetting about the local cinema, MIFF showcased about twenty new and amazing Aussie features. Among these, The Merger,based on the same stage show name was shown in the middle of the festival, whereas, the documentary based on real Melbourne event of October 2017 called The Coming Back Out ballwas shown in the end. In addition to these, Acute Misfortune, Celeste,Undertow,Island of the Hungry Ghosts, Happy Sad Man, as well as Undermined:Tales from The Kimberleywere also hosted during the festival. Overall, the festival was exceptional and iconic cultural event that offered a transformative experience for everyone present there.

Although it was difficult to choose; however, on the personal front, I was excited to watch two films, Wildlife and Shoplifters, from the moment I read their summary.Yet, there was one additional reason to watch Shoplifters. The movie got Palme d’O, the highest prize at Cannes Film Festival. And Yes, the movies did’nt let me down. I found Wildlife to be a sensitive directorial by Paul Dano. The film had an amazing blend based on the direction of Dano, lyrics of Terence Davies and melancholic poetry of David Gorden Green. The magic of this blend was beautifully brought together to demonstrate American conformism and sufferings of working class heroes.  On the other hand, Shoplifters was a Japanese drama in which a family of small-time robbers informally adopt and raise a girl child found on the street.

Having said that, I was not amazed by the audience size and international profile of the innovative Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). I realised that decades of achievements have created such quality as well as status of the festival.

That is my experience at the Melbourne International Film Festival. If I get a chance again, I will definitely love to attend the Melbourne International Film Festival again. Did you attend the MIFF? What were the best films according to you?

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