Which country has the most movies in the MIFF 2018?

The Melbourne International Film Festival, as its name suggests, has hundreds of movies from all over the world. All the continents except Antarctica(as penguins don`t like cinema) have movies screened in the MIFF 2018. But do you know which country provides the most movies for the MIFF 2018? How many European and Asian movies are involved in the MIFF 2018? The following is a manual statistics about the MIFF 2018 in terms of nations.

Before we start, the standard of the statistics should be clear. Nowadays, more and more movies are the products of the international collaboration. Take the Ash Is Purest White as an example, it was filmed in China and directed by Jia Zhangke, but French producers also participated in its production. Hence it is regarded as a China-France co-production. In the following statistics, as long as a country`s producers participate in a film`s production, it counts once as this country`s film. Hence there are some overlaps in this statistics, for a co-production film can be counted more than once. The number shows the amount of the films that a country is totally involved in.

America totally contributes to 113 films for the MIFF 2018, well ahead of second-place Australia. Among the 113 films, there are Hollywood productions, independent productions, and co-productions as well. This reflects the status of America in the world`s film-making market. As the host, Australia participates in 80 films and events in the MIFF 2018, but a number of the events are not film screening but panel discussion or Q&A of the film producers. As Australia`s biggest “neighbour”, New Zeland contributes to 7 films.

As the birthplace of the cinematography, Europe totally participates in 221 films` production, very ahead of the second-place continent North America(totally 131 with Canada contributes to 9, Mexico 8, and Dominica 1). France contributes to 47 films, which is the first in Europe. UK and Germany are the second, with both 25 films. Belgium(15), Italy(14), Poland(12) and Spain(10) all have lots of co-production. The other 24 European countries together participated in 73 films, most of them are co-production. Actually, Europe is the continent that loves to collaborate on films most. A number of films are made by more than 3 European countries.

The Melbourne`s increasing Chinese population may make you overestimate the number of Chinese movies. But actually, there are only 9 movies from Chinese Mainland in the MIFF 2018, even not the most in Asia, unless we add Taiwan(5) and Hong Kong(1)`s amount to China. Japan(10) has the most contribution to the MIFF among all Asian countries and regions. South Korea, Iran, and Qatar each have 6 films, although all the Qatari films are co-production.

Brazil(12) has the most films in South America, followed by Argentina with 5. South America totally has 33 films.

Africa(totally 17) is almost a desert regarding the number of films. South Africa and Egypt each have 3 movies, while Tunisia has 2.

In general, America is undoubtedly the Big Mac in the international film market. Australia, though second, largely benefited from being the host nation of the MIFF. France, UK, and Germany are the three strongest countries in European cinema. Asian and South American filmmaking is not yet comparable in size to that of Europe and America. And Africa is now the least developed continent regarding film industry.

By Jiaheng Zhang 28260252

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