Mission of Festival De Cannes

Who hasn’t heard about the popular Festival De Cannes? The ultimate venue for all the big news related to movies. But, did you know that Festival De Cannes has a mission. Let’s find out what it is.

To begin with, Festival De Cannes, as we all know, is one of the oldest and most influential invite-only film festivals in the world that began in 1946. In English, the international film festival is known by the name Cannes Film Festival. It is mainly held in the month of May every year in the resort town of Cannes, specifically at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, in the southern France. Unlike other festivals, the Cannes Film Festival is only organised for industry people and generic public is not invited through any tickets. All attendees have badges to prove their identity. But, the wealthy people who are interested in funding films are allowed to attend the festival.

In the words of Thierry Fremaux, the General Delegate of Festival De Cannes since 2007, the main mission of the Festival De Cannes is to raise the attention towards the films and contribute towards the development of cinema (Festival De Cannes 2018). This is done to boost the film industry across the world, whilst celebrating cinema at the international level (Festival De Cannes 2018).

In order to accomplish this mission, Cannes has actively cultivated respective image by setting a limited number related to films and awarding actors, filmmakers, and composers through a unanimous decision taken by juries. The Palme d’O award given at Festival De Cannes do not ensure any commercial success. Yet, it is considered extremely important to receive Palme d’O at the festival. It has created the biggest film market across the earth over seven decades.

Also, as they say, no publicity is bad publicity. The Cannes film festival has also been in news for several scandals and controversies that again increased its popularity of the film festival. For example, Harvey Weinstein, a renowned name in the USA, was blamed for sexually harassing as well as assaulting numerous women. The latest is about the way top actresses walked bare foot on the red carpet of Cannes. This was done against its code of wearing heels, set in 2016. The code forced several experienced actresses to go back since they were not wearing heels.

Today, we can say that the Festival De Cannes has been successful in its mission since almost every popular face has migrated to Cannes for the event. The films are celebrated and appreciated as festivals in May, i.e., during the festival. Even, it is significant for launching the careers of renowned filmmakers, such as Steven Soderbergh and Quentin Trantino. At the same time, it does become one of the top news in every almost country in May with star-studded premiers on the red carpet, long screenings, meetings, scandals, networking, and parties.

All in all, Festival De Cannes has been successful in accomplishing its mission. What is your opinion?



The Festival in 2018, Interview With Thierry Fremaux. Festival De Cannes. May 2018. Web. 22nd September 2018.

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