The Development of Diversity Film Market in China – 2018 SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL FILM & TV FESTIVAL

上海电影节The Shanghai International Film Festival is recognized by the International Film Producers Association as non-specialized competitive International Film Festival, and this year held twenty-first sessions. Over the years, it has attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign film professionals and film lovers to participate in this essential film culture exchange platform for the world wide filmmakers. The poster of the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival sets off the classic image of the Golden Goblet with a background of oil paintings, and displayed the theme of “movie city, wonderful life”.

The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival was held from June 16 to 25, 2018. As most Film festivals do, it starts with Gala Night, and sche The Belt and Road Film Panorama, International Film and TV Market, The Belt and Road Film Night, Asian New Talent Awards Ceremony, Golden Goblet Awards Ceremony, Golden Goblet Awards Winners Showcases, SIEF Project, and SIFFORUM.

Competition sections for Golden Goblet Award fall into four categories, which include main competition for feature-length films, as well as competitions specialized in documentary, animation and short films. They bring together over 2,000 films from more than 100 countries and regions around the world every year. The Competitions present films of different genres, not only by big names, but also by those who are young and talented, but not yet internationally known. Regardless of varied topics and styles, the films stimulate and inspire emotionally by showcasing different cultures through stories and images. The competition films are advised by festival programmers and overseas delegates, thus are chosen from by a selection committee to be finally judged by the International Jury within the festival. Three different jury panels are made up of professionals in the world film industry. Press and public pay a lot of attention to who are on the jury, as this is proof of the festival’s high profile. The jury panels discuss, independently make decisions on winners, and present Golden Goblet trophies.

The festival’s main prize ‘Golden Goblet’, a symbol of the traditional orient culture, is an ancient Chinese wine container which has a uniquely beautiful shape and a gracefully antique style. Golden Goblet Award also embraces an award for BEST FEATURE FILM, JURY GRAND PRIX, an award for BEST DIRECTOR, an award for BEST SCREENPLAY, an award for BEST ACTRESS, an award for BEST ACTOR, an award for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, an award for OUTSTANDING ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT in the categories artistic directing, costume, editing, make-up, etc), an award for Best Documentary Film, an award for Best Animation Film.

Among the top 10 films in China’s annual box office list in 2017, imported and domestic films each accounted for five, and domestic films won 54% of the box office share, showing the great progress made by domestic films. In addition, Hollywood’s dominance in imported films is changing. For example, Indian films ‘Dangal’, ‘Thailand Bad Genius, and animate films from Spain and Japan have made great achievements in China. From 2017 to 2018, China’s film market has formed a diversified, multi-variety, multi-type pattern, high-quality, popular film has gradually become an important variety of market increment. Among them, documentaries have become the new driving force of the Chinese market. In 2017, a total of 12 Chinese and foreign documentaries entered the Chinese film market theater line, becoming the largest number of documentaries released in the history of the Chinese film industry. And “The Ex-file:The Return Of The Exes”, “Youth”, “Duckweed” and other emotional themes with long-term vitality, achieved good box office results – China’s film market presents a diversified pattern.

By Yanan Zhao (Aria)

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