Understanding Means Response: The Best Film of Golden Goblet Awards “Out of Paradise in 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival

u=2828984370,3729606916&fm=26&gp=0After 10 days of competition, On the night of June 24th, 2018, the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival held an awards ceremony , Switzerland and Mongolia co-produced film “Out of Paradise” won The Best Film Award, The “Ala Ginger” from China won the jury award.

 The Shanghai International Film Festival was officially founded in 1993 and is the only international A-class film festival in China. The 2018 Shanghai film festival received 3,447 entirely from 108 countries and regions, and 13 films were selected for the Golden Goblet Awards. The chairman of the jury Jiang Wen said that the originality, depth, the ability to appeal people and to the resonance of the audience are the criteria for the competition, since it judges for the festival, not at the cinema, it has to have other meanings. “I personally reckon that firstly, the awarded film must show its originality. If there is no originality in the film, then you should make the non-originality one better. ” The Swiss Mongolian co-production “Out of Paradise” won the Best Film Award at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Jubilee Award. The judges of the Golden Goblet Awards commented on the film: “simple but not Shabby, plain and poetic. No matter from which perspective,  it is a rare good movie”.

The film “Out of Paradise” is directed by E. W. Hornung, and features the gentleman thief A. J. Raffles, and his companion and biographer, Bunny Manders, and. The story was first published in December 1904 by Collier’s Weekly in New York, and in January 1905 by Pall Mall Magazine in London. The story was also included as the first story in the collection A Thief in the Night, published by Chatto & Windus in London, and Charles Scribner’s Sons in New York, both in 1905. The film tells the story of a couple of nomadic couples anxiously waiting for their first child. One day, during production inspection, Local doctors have identified some potential dangers and advised them to go to the remote Ulaanbaatar hospital for treatment. Their two children had miscarried, and this time they had to trust the modern medical technology. However, a shaman predicts that one person of them will die in the near future, which scared them badly. The story of a nomadic couple embracing the birth of a child moved the jury and won the Golden GobletAward for Best film at this year’s Shanghai Film Festival.

Jack, the taxi driver, was a driver and a pimp with a background of underworld, he still has a little kindness toward his mother, but only his life was going the wrong direction. The second actor has no protagonist aura at all, who shows the human weaknesses in simplicity, including his bad communication, grumpy temper and reckless. For example, the last scene is throwing car keys vent, and the next scene is the prospect of prairie looking for keys which makes people simmer with laughter. The title of “Out of Paradise” is to show the circle of life, the story is about the birth of new life and the departure of another life. On the other hand, the film is also trying to show the change of heart from the two times he left the prairie. Once upon a time, the grassland was a paradise of the husband. He rides his horse and enjoys his personal life with his wife. After entering the city, he has lost, do not know what to do to face this completely different world. He doesn’t have a mobile phone; do not know how to sing pop songs on KTV; does not know need to do documents in advance when he takes his wife to a doctor in the city. The film reveals the apparent differences between urban and rural Mongolia in terms of clothing, architecture, transportation and medical equipment. For the first time he was forced to leave the prairie, and passively accept the baptism of modern world. Furthermore, when he leave the prairie again at the end of the film, takes the initiative to embrace the unknown world and the responsibility of a family of three. The director ended with a phrase from the jurist Edgar Bodenheimer: “Understanding means responding.” Conflicts and dialogues of life details on the trip between he and his wife drives us to think about communication difficulties in relationships.However, the power of paternal love allows the husband to come out of the past, and the they finally understand each other better. The view of  back riding horse to the city is the response of understanding, but also a brand new change. Such change is not that hard as long as there is love. The director who studied and lived in Switzerland takes Mongolia’s differences between urban and rural areas as the big background of the film. Through the realistic filming of a nobody conveys the cognition and perception of life, as well as the understanding and response between people.

By Yanan Zhao (Aria)

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