Film Festival as A Window

This week, I went to the Czech and Slovak Film Festival in Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and watch the movie Film Spa on Monday. It is a documentary about the history and the development of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF). Actually, I have never heard this film festival and never watched Czech or Slovak films before, and I was hesitated whether to go to this film festival or not because I was afraid that I cannot understand the film. I think it is hard for audiences to understand and like a film without any background knowledge of the countries’ language and culture. However, the festival and the film did impress me.


Through this film, I learned that the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. It established even earlier than Festival De Cannes, and it ever played an important role in the film industry worldwide. The report video of the festival, Film Festival Moments, ever recorded many filmmakers and stars’ experiences or stories in KVIFF, and these are valuable resources for the field. Although the festival met many challenges and difficulties, for example the influences from the Soviet Union and the pressure of Cold War, it kept adjusting to survive in the complex world. There is one script in this documentary that impressed and touched me a lot – “At that time, the film festival was a window of outside world.” Even the society may get through a tense period, people still could breathe the free and fresh air from the outside world at KVIFF. It provided a place for artists and audiences to relax and enjoy the charm of art. Nowadays, I think film festivals still play the role as the windows of outside world, the windows of broader space. It gives people chances to learn more about the culture or other things they don’t know before. For instance, this film festival leads me to my new experiences to Czech and Slovak films industry, and also let me know more about one of the famous film festivals – KVIFF.


Meanwhile, I was also moved by the sponsors and the staff’s enthusiasm in the Czech and Slovak Film Festival. They do their best to attract people to this event, and they want to bring more audiences to the films, even by providing some free films for people who came to the festivals. When I arrived at the cinema, the staff gave us free water and gave us warm welcome. Although there are not so many audiences, they still enjoy their jobs and the films, building a very active atmosphere. Therefore, I think people, especially young generations who study in arts faculty, should persuade ourselves to experiences more in different events, and do not shut the door of ourselves’ world, because you will never know what good things, what interesting knowledge, and what fantastic memory you will miss.

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