The replacement of regime save the BIFF

Three top Asian film festival have different advantages. TIFF is suitable for people who concentrate on competition unit, BIFF is the one what viewers have more opportunity with popular films of the year and SIFF is a great place for common interest and classic movies could be presented during the event. According to the relevance with counter public, biff is the pioneer among three film festivals.

BIFF focuses on finding new directors, actors and making them stand out in front of the public and it prefers the films beyond the common interest. Most of the nominated movies are talking about government corruption, love story for homosexuality and sexual abuse on disabled groups, etc. BIFF desires to fight against unfair privilege of the government and top classes of social ladder, exposing the deep dark truth to the public and making it a matter of urgent concern that more people would notice and pay more attention than before.

Because of the issue of ‘Sewol’ in 2014 , 296 people died of unreliable and irresponsive government. As Tencent news reported, at that time, journalist Lee sang-ho questioned that he saw the shadow of man-made disaster from catastrophe during the process of investigation, ‘government is the one to blame because of its corruption and various excuses to not apply quick action for emergency of saving people.’ Focusing on the mystery of the sinking of the Sewol, and reflecting the government’s inaction, Li started shooting a documentary about the issue which became a source of conflict between the Busan Film Festival and the government. The documentary ‘The truth shall not sink with Sewol’ was highly recommend to add to the screening unit in 2014 BIFF by the executive chairman of the BIFF organizing committee and South Korean social media reported that the film had been forcibly blocked by the government of Park gun-hye and the budget of film festival would be decreased and seniors officials of committee would be fired if BIFF insist representing the documentary about ‘Sewol’. BIFF argue that independence of film festival should be guaranteed and the decision on whether or not to release the film should be decided by the audience. The topic of “I SUPPORT BIFF” had soared to the top 10 of the global headline on social media, and filmmakers around the world in Cannes and Venice had been supporting the campaign. Under the strong pressure of public controversy, the government of Park Geun-hye had to allow the release of the film in BIFF. But one year later, the government cut the budget of BIFF and BIFF became the one losing its independence and south Korea’s nine major film associations announced a joint boycott of the BIFF and a number of film producers also asked the organizing committee to withdraw the movies. All those action contributed to attain the public attention which they called ‘self-redemption’.

Until 2017, the government had replaced and the condition of BIFF recovered a lot. Many actors and film teams had attended 2017 BIFF, showing the change of attitude of film industry toward BIFF. After the devastation, Several years are necessary to regain the lost ground. In the headlines of the Korean media, the Busan Film Festival was summed up as “sending a signal of recovery”, “the pain is still there, hope is rising.” In the past few years, the Busan Film Festival has suffered too much destruction and trample. Now, it’s just a whole new start.





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