The China International Micro-Film Festival

As the development of film industry and film festival has become increasingly significant, there are various related products emerging as follows. For instance, there is the Micro-Film Festival emerging alongside with the prevalence of micro-films.

The China International Micro-Film Festival is known as the most influential and engaged activity among this area that aims to facilitate the creation, investigation and distribution of Micro-Films. Just as the feature of other film festival, the Micro-Film Festival is also a valuable platform for the exhibition of films and precious opportunity for the filmmakers according to the quality of their products instead of considering commercial values and the creators’ previous experiences and fame. Everyone who has dream and capability in this area is able to participate in such fair, contributing to the development of Chinese film industry and even the changes and evolution of the standards of Micro-Film industry.

The purpose of launching the China International Micro-Film Festival is to develop and enrich the mode of Micro-Film as a new area. Specifically, the target of the festivals’ main competition is to nurture and discover filmmakers who are equipped with high responsibility as well as high-level film products. It is worth noting that there is also a requirement of forming and developing new standards towards the Micro-Film area under the influences of such micro-film festival.

The venue of China International Micro-Film Festival is located in the capital of china, Beijing. There will be the 8th China International Micro-Film Festival in 2018. The upcoming event has already started collecting micro-film works from the society both inside and outside of China, broadcasting organizations, universities, industries among all areas, the micro-film creation teams, producers and even amateurs. The requirements of the candidate films have an emphasis on the values and attitudes aspects, which should be positive and conform to Chinese social values. Also, the creativity of those micro-film’s representation and production methods is also heightened in the selection process.

This successful of the China International Micro-Film Festival is kind of attributed to the prevalence of internet and Chinese video-sharing sites. In terms of this, the low entry standards of video website empower amateur filmmakers to become film producers and describe the world according to their own perspectives via camera language. Everyone has opportunities and platforms for the exhibition and exposure of their works in the digital era. All of this contribute to the appearance of new forms of film festival. In turn, the launch of micro-film festival is also of great significance to promote the development of Micro-films.

As the importance of such new developments among film industries have been perceived and supported by the public, countries, industries and even policy-makers, there will be more opportunities and unknown surprises in the Chinese film industry.

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