Animation films

In recent years, animations have frequently appeared in various cinemas, which is closely related to the rapid development of the animated film and television industry.

Animation is one my favorite kinds of movies. However, many audiences might think that animations are special themes for children. I have to admit that many animated films are more targeted at children’s markets, such as Disney.

Therefore, animation are not very well accepted by the grown ups. Many audiences believe that the rhythm of animations is not tense and stimulating enough to arouse their desire to watch. Even the Marvel films are made by real shooting plus post production instead of animated from comics.

Animated movies rely a lot on the visual content, it can present a rich visual effect, regardless of color, scenes, characters, can be manipulated by the production team. The emotions of characters in animations are often more difficult to express than in live-action movies, so the importance of dubbing is more prominent.

Compared with animated films, the limitations of real life remake films are obvious. When creating animated movies, the creators have to think about how to tell the story well, rather than how to present it in reality, which is almost two directions with the creation of real-life movies.

The first point to consider is how to shoot, how to restore animation to the real scene, which involves a lot of human and material resources coordination. And animated movies tend to be, the bigger the hole, the better the magic, the better, anyway rely on brushes and special effects, nothing is impossible.

With the development of technology, animation companies are increasingly good at restoring animated scenes to real life scenes. Many scenes seem to be photographed rather than painted, but in the process of restoring reality imagination and expression will be lost to a certain extent. The price of connecting real people with animation is that a large number of fantasy scenes are no longer fantastic, and the charm of fairy tales and the connotation of stories are greatly reduced.

In China, animation films are mostly for young children, or targeted for family audiences. The themes of animations are often full of positive energy, and they tend to be relaxed and pleasant. Such works have a positive role in promoting universal values and are an important reason why they can be widely accepted by the audience.

Although animation is not always young, children’s demand for animated films and the derivative market are driving the development of animated films. The image in the animation is very suitable for the development of derivatives, especially for children’s toys, dolls, books, stationery, snacks and other varieties.

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