The Storm Looming


The movie is a Chinese crime suspense movie, which directed by Yue Dong, and starring Yihong Duan and Yiyan Jiang. I noticed this movie because of the Tokyo International Film Festival. “The Storm Looming” won two awards at the Tokyo international film festival, includes the best art contribution award and the best actor award.

This film surprised the Chinese film industry with its loss, cold and ups and downs. For a long time, this kind of texture can only be found in European and American films, Korean films and Hong Kong films more than 10 years ago.

Yihong Duan accurately captured the spirit of the hero Yu Guowei. In the first half of life, all people in a low-pressure atmosphere of the times, Yu Guowei works hard, he is eager to want an honorable identity. He wore ill-fitting leather and tie in the floppy crowd and did his best to be a decent man. He is above petty thieving in the hope of gaining the status of a public official. But at the same time, his posture is low, even sycophantic, his knees never seem to straight up, and he just like hustles to protect the fire in the rain。Yu Guowei is waiting for a chance to light a cigarette for an honorable public officer — a disenchanted wretch whose only dream is to be part of the system. At last, the dreamer was swallowed up by this dream, which was cruel and impermanent. It was the fate that countless people in the old time and space had to bear.

The story of the film began in 1997, and the year of the story ends is 2008. Early 2008, a rare snow and ice disaster struck southern China. In fact, no matter 1997 or 2008, what has been deposited in the Chinese memory are great events, but in those great events, there were how many Yu Guowei, no one knows.

“The storm Looming is a structure film, it seems to be talking about murder suspects, in fact, it is about the dream of The Times. The movie’s heavy rain from beginning to end represents that era, implying that the hero can’t get out of the small city in the haze, and can’t see the real world outside the factory. In the film, there is death, several murders, a domestic violence, and self-destruction of a woman. They are all tiny destinies under the age. Some people vent, some despair, and in the sense of suffocation, people turn the struggle into harm. These deaths are not only the deaths of individuals in the physical sense, but they are also more like the funeral for a time lost in the past.

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