So, we’re putting on a film festival…?

60 students. One group. One film festival? Surely it can be done!

Over the last few weeks, my group and I have been working ourselves silly trying to collate ideas for our upcoming Rubik’s City 2018 Monash Short Film Festival. Essentially, the vibe that we’re going for is a true essence of Melbourne. I, along with the rest of my movie selection committee, came to the realisation that most—if not all—of the films shown expressed Melbourne culture in one way or another. Everything from the overabundance of coffee, to the live music scene, to underground drag shows, as well as the urban decor and wide array of street art, the films truly encapsulate the essence of Melbourne as a whole. Once this notion had been finalised, it was extremely important for us to choose a name in order to epitomise the vision with which we were going for; to break down how we wanted the festival to run; to liaise with other departments such as social media and marketing, etc. in order to all be on the same page.

Throughout this process, it has been difficult. The saying may go many hands make light work, however at times it has been extremely hard to get everyone on the same page. A true testament to our group leader, Tom Lam, whom has been tirelessly liaising with not only the other group leaders, but also taking the drivers seat when delegating is required.

Another large factor of the festival which our group is wanting to make extremely apparent is not just making this festival about the films (I mean, obviously it is primarily about the films). However, we discussed the importance of creating the whole Melbourne experience when we put on our festival. We want the audience to be immersed into the common motifs which carry on between all of the films that are being shown. As we’ve learnt and discussed throughout the duration of the semester thus far, the film festival itself is not merely about showing films—it’s about the all over experience, with emphasis on the opening ceremony, events such as red carpets and Q&As and, with that, the closing ceremony. Obviously granted the small scale of our festival in comparison to the larger ones, we are limited in how much we can do. That being said, however, we are making the most of our resources to tie it all in together for a fantastic couple of hours.

Being that the festival is a mere few weeks away, the remainder of the organisation will be critical in tying it altogether. However, I feel as though we will achieve an outstanding event.

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