Film festival is close to our real life

In the BCSFF (Beijing college student film festival), the main competition unit is as the normal festival, it have already hold for 25 years. But in BCSFF, there have one special unit is student competition unit. This part only student could join in, include college student film competition and

college student script competition. The main target is to encourage college student love film, join the film industry and find some film talents.

On May 6, 2018, the closing ceremony and awarding ceremony of the 25th Beijing College Student Film Festival was held in the National Olympic Sports Center. The CCTV-6 in China (film channel ) cooperated this event. In the ceremony, beside the filmmaker, director, actors and actress. Most of the audience is college student study in Beijing. They join in this film festival to rank the best film they like. The BCSFF insisted on “hold by students, watch by students, shoot by students and evaluate by students.”

By holding the film festival, the 25th BCSFF began planning and filing in October 2017. In December, students and volunteers were recruited to form the executive department of the 25th BCSFF organizing committee. Publicity and other preparatory work. The main event is scheduled to open on April 14, 2018, and the award will be closed on May 6. In addition to the domestic film awards, opening and closing ceremonies, but also hosted the main venue finalist film screening, college students original film competition, college student script and creative competition and a series of academic seminars.

College student original film competition for college students is an important unit for the BCSFF. So far, this unit has been successfully held for 18 sessions, with an annual enrollment films about 4,000. This unit consists of four competition units: drama, cartoon, documentary and experimental short film. It has attracted the attention of college students from home and abroad. All the film join in this competition would evaluated by more than 100 college students and final evaluation will judge by the expert in film industry and selected more than 40 awards.

But to see the award of films, most film are produced by China, some award just like the most favorite actress or actor are idols, but this film reflect what kinds of film do college students like. In the original film competition, we can know their habit and what their understand in the film industry. The BCSFF do not only held in colleges located in Beijing. There also have some branch in other city. There are 25 universities or college join in this activity. As my bachelor degree is major in arts at Yunnan Normal University, my school encourage the students who is major in film and shoot come to join the BCSFF, first they script a story and select actress from school, then shoot at a town. The film also screen in our school cinema and let teacher and students in campus give advice to the short movie. This festival is a good way to know what students like and let more college student feel film is close to our real life. 

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