Cross-cultural value of the International Film Festival

Film is an effective tool for cross-cultural communication. Human communication is usually done by language, but for people who have used different languages, language differences can hinder communication. The film language is intuitive, the vivid and intuitive film creates direct communication and colleges. Especially in the most important “coding” and “decoding” steps in the process of communication, the film directly transmits the information to the audience by directly stimulating the audience’s hearing and visual. To a large extent overcome the dependence on traditional words and language. Therefore, the film is an international artistic language that can overcome the communication obstacles and communication difficulties caused by different language and characters and is more easily accepted and understood by people of different countries, different nationalities and different cultures.

In addition, with the advancement of film technology, the ability of film communication has been continuously strengthened, and the scale of film transnational communication has become larger, covering more. The film festival provides a platform for the international exchange of films, which not only brings huge international income to the film industry but also promotes international cultural exchanges and attracts more people’s attention.

The film festival is not only a simple video sharing organization, but it is also a platform for cultural exchange. Participants in the festival and selected films fully reflect the diversity and provide that possibility for cross-cultural communication. As far as the participants of the film are concerned, directors, producers, screenwriters and other film producers from all over the world attended the film street related activities and communicated directly with the media and audiences from all over the world, which promoted people to different types. Through the cognition and understanding of film art. Through the face-to-face exchanges, the two parties with different cultural backgrounds understand the film market, development trends and related policies of each country.

As one of the cultural carrier, the world movie is in the “globalization” environment, and the transnational communication and international exchange of the film have formed a vigorous development trend. In the case of Hollywood monopolizing the global film market, the importance of the festival is self-evident. According to film scholar David Bordwell (1986), there are two important distribution systems in contemporary movies, one is a Hollywood-led distribution system, and the other is a system for film distribution through major film festivals. Therefore, the success of any international film festival, even if it is to promote the needs of international cultural exchanges, is to promote the country’s films to cross the cultural barriers and to the world.


Bordwell, D., 1986. Narration in the fiction film. s.l.: London: Routledge.


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