You will always find someone smiles like a god- The Pursuit of Happiness


There is a joke about God in the film: a devout drowning man hopes that God can save him. A ship passed, and he refused to be saved, saying that God would come to save me. The second ship passed, and he refused to be saved for the same reason. Later, the drowning man died. In heaven, he is not convinced to ask God, Almighty Lord, why don’t you come to save me? God replied I sent two boats to save you.

“When happiness comes knocking on the door” is the meaning of the Chinese name of this film. I think this translation is about a sense of humor from the last father and son. Knock, knock. This onomatopoeia is enough for the translator to capture a warm and moving inspiration in an instant.

Seeing the end, I was sad. Although the purpose of the film inspirational is so exposed to such abruptness. In the United States in the early 1980s, five years after the end of the Vietnam War, the society began to slowly slow down the war depression. The marriage of the black broke down, and they do not have much education. The heroes with these backgrounds are enough to reflect the cruel reality of some contemporary American society. Emerson once said that in the United States, no matter whether it is spirit or wealth, it will never be equal. But looking around, everyone is smiling, and it seems so fucking so happy.

How many Americans have how many American dreams there are. “Happiness”, Jefferson mentioned this term thirteen times in the American Declaration of Independence. At that moment, the great founding father of the United States believed that this was God’s dream to guide him, so they picked up the knife and gun and stopped singing “God bless the Queen”. Two hundred years have passed, Jefferson has become a part of the US dollar cash, but happiness is still not circulated. Governments and philanthropists provide milk and food, provide temporary housing, but still cannot give people a happy illusion.

Life is bitter, and tears are salty. Selling those white “time machines” is not enough to maintain a good life, but it is enough to cause the eyes of hippie girls and people with a mental health condition. Globalization shrinks people, and movies enlarge people. Antonio’s words exemplify the charm of film art. We lost the focus of attention, but for money and matter, we still maintain ample appetite.

Envying the lives of others is so delicate, but their own is as violent. Happiness gently knocked on the door, but unfortunately and the disaster broke the door rudely. Therefore, we often say that we miss the love and miss happiness, and disasters and misfortunes will entangle you like the little hooligans on the roadside. They usually don’t pass carelessly.

For the weak, it is a habit to suffer. In a stable day, we lost the ability to identify the disasters and crises ahead. We don’t care because we usually don’t feel as bad as the father.

Just like what Will Smith kept talking in the film to the children and his wife, we will get better, and we will be able to get better. When playing basketball, he also said that children, you must protect your dreams. At that moment, I saw that a happy family and a child are his true beliefs – there is no literary and artistic literary chamber, only a father who loves the warmth of the great winter sun.


God is different for everyone. God is a girl, and God is a gun. Sometimes, they carry the practical significance of some kinds of redemption. When everything in life begins to abandon you, when you start to wonder that GOD always evades and shirks responsibility with things like the gospel and original sin, fortunately, we will always find a God and sit in heaven.

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