What is the impact of the film festival on the film industry? – based on the China Film Festival

Compared with the national film industry’s attention to international film festivals such as Cannes and Venice, the awards of the China Film Festival have dimmed a lot. The world-class film festivals have a very long and professional tradition of awards. Each year, the world’s top filmmakers are gathered, and outstanding works are selected among many participating films in strict accordance with the standards and spirit of each film festival. Such awards are highly credible and will undoubtedly have a major impact on the announcement and trading of award-winning films, and are also highly attractive to filmmakers. There is usually no such serious evaluation in Chinese domestic film festivals.


No market-oriented operation: Basically, China’s film festivals are subject to approval by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television for further applications. Although there is no explicit stipulation that individual units cannot apply for a film festival, most of the approvals will be issued to organizations affiliated with state-owned enterprises or institutions. In this context, there is no market-oriented operation. Without market competition, it is difficult to have characteristics and vitality. The film festival has become an indicator cultural event. Whether the Chinese film festival can have a more active and practical effect on the Chinese film industry is a question worth exploring.

The most qualified of the Chinese Film Festival is the Changchun Film Festival and the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, both of which began in 1992. Until today, these two film festivals are still regarded as the two most influential film festivals in mainland China. However, they are limited to domestic works. Apart from the best foreign language film awards at the Changchun Film Festival, there is no international element. It is purely the Chinese own film festival.


The influence of the Chinese local film festival is reduced. What about the international film festival? So far, the most influential international film festivals in China are the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Beijing International Film Festival. Among them, Shanghai International Film Festival is the only Class A film festival in China. The first three sessions of the Beijing International Film Festival did not have any awards, only the screenings, but in 2014, the competition unit was officially established, and the award was awarded to the Tiantan Award. Since then, it has also sought to apply for the A-level film festival. But most of the content and participants of the so-called International Film Festival are still from the domestic film industry.

Take the media as an example. There are 4,000-5,000 journalists who travel to Cannes and Venice every year, half of them are overseas reporters, and there are only dozens of foreign media in China’s international film festival. China’s international film festival is still in the process of pleading for it, and it can only rely on the popularity of domestic stars to gain some attention.

Impact on the film industry:

The first is the impact on the local film industry. The birth of the film festival was first given the expectation of promoting and stimulating the local film industry in each host country. The film festival’s affirmation of local films and the attention and communication opportunities brought to the venue are the driving force behind the development of the local film industry.

Second is the promotion of world film culture exchange and trade. The emergence of more and more international film festivals indicates that the film industry has an increasing demand for exchanges between countries on a global scale. During the exhibition, you can see international films that are not normally seen in the local area. Through this kind of cultural intercommunication, you can deepen your understanding of the development status of the film industry in various countries.

In addition to the exchange of information, the festival has a real trading market, which provides a very good platform for filmmakers. Here, they can get to know more people in the industry, and find opportunities for overseas distribution for their work, creating other profit channels in addition to local box office.

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