The overview history of Film Festival

Film festivals, usually an annual gathering of the film industry, are used to evaluate new or excellent movies. Many new, independent films were released at the 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival. Sponsored by national or local governments, industry, service agencies, experimental film groups or individual sponsors, these festivals provide opportunities for filmmakers, publishers, critics and other interested parties to participate in film screenings and meet to discuss current films. Art development. During the festival, dealers can purchase movies that they believe can be successfully sold in their own country.


The first film festival was held in Venice in 1932. The theme of the Venice Film Festival at that time was anti-fascism and anti-war. Since the Second World War, the film festival has made significant contributions to the development of the film industry in many countries. The popularity of Italian films at the Cannes and Venice Film Festival played an important role in the rebirth of Italian industry and the spread of the post-war Neo-Realist movement. In 1951, Rashomon of Kurosawa Akira won the Golden Lion Award in Venice, focusing on Japanese movies. In the same year, the first American Art Film Festival in Woodstock, New York, stimulated the American art film movement.


The Cannes Film Festival is probably the most famous and noteworthy event in hundreds of film festivals held each spring. Since 1947, people interested in film have gathered in this small resort town to participate in official and informal film screenings. Other important festivals in Berlin, Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Toronto, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Park City (Utah, USA), Hong Kong, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Venice Held. Some film festivals only show movies from their own country. Since the late 1960s, student filmmakers have also had special festivals. Others are highly specialized, such as those who only feature underwater photography or those who are involved in a particular subject.


The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), the film festival is held in Melbourne every July and August. This is Australia’s largest film festival.


The festival began in 1952 and is located near Olinda, Victoria. Several film associations in Victoria have collaborated on a program that highlights the types of films that are rarely seen in local movies. The first film festival features films from around the world, including films from Russia, China and Canada. Although the organizers expected a low turnout rate, they sold about 800 tickets. In order to accommodate more viewers, the festival moved to Melbourne in 1953. MIFF eventually settled in downtown locations, including the Australian Mobile Imaging Center.


MIFF generally runs for 17 days and can attract about 200,000 people. Many of the participants are film lovers, but the film festival also includes a four-day conference called 37°South Market, where filmmakers, publishers, producers and other industry insiders can contact and participate in seminars. Meetings and lectures. The festival continues to showcase movies from around the world, showing about 400 movies and short films.




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