The Outstanding Films in MIFF

The Melbourne International Film Festival is not only Melbourne’s important cultural event but also one of Australia’s most important film festivals. It is one of the earliest film festivals in the world. During the time of the Melbourne Film Festival, we have the opportunity to appreciate many excellent films. This is an important cultural event that has a significant influence on our lives.
At the Melbourne Film Festival, we can see a lot of great movies. Among them, there are three films that impressed me. Call Me By Your Name, based on the same name novel, shows the Italian town of Riviera, which looks like a detached reality. Along with pure music and pictures, a 17-year-old Elio fell in love with American college students who were six years older than him. They were deeply fascinated by each other, but they could not help to hesitate and test. A six-week first love, ending with a faint sadness, left Elio with an unforgettable memory. In this sweltering midsummer night, they looked for each other and perhaps it is the most complete and thorough intimacy that they could never find in their life. Every frame of the movie is very pure and moving, but with a touch of sadness, it is worth everyone to experience in the theater.
There is also a movie that is impressive. The Killing of a Sacred Deer, it is a bloody case caused by a doctor-patient dispute. This is a dramatic revenge story, the first half of the paving is cold and classical, however, the second half is full of quirky and bloody atmosphere. The hero is a cardiologist. His family life is boring and dull. He lacks warmth and everyone never exchanges emotions. But he was actually a person who did not take responsibility. After the medical accident, he refused to face it until the accident of his son appeared in front of him. His ideal life slowly disappeared with the appearance of the boy. The movie was full of religious metaphors and plots, the soundtrack is extremely dramatic. The film’s screenwriter won the best screenplay of the 70th Cannes Film Festival with this film, and the film was also nominated for the Palme d’Or.
At the Melbourne Film Festival, you can also see some excellent Chinese movies. For example, Have a Nice Day. In the small town of the south, a heavy rain is coming. In order to save the feelings of his girlfriend, Zhang, a construction site driver, started a robbery campaign, which triggered a series of incidents. With Chinese-style symbols, chronological scenes, slogans, and familiar background music, director Liu Jian impressed with his unique humor. This is the first Chinese animated film to be shortlisted in Berlin’s main competition. It was shown on the last day of the Berlin Film Festival competition, with an exit rate of 0. The film ended in the audience’s laughter and applause. The authoritative independent film site Indie Wire (Independent Express) also listed this film as the first of the eight new films to be expected in the Berlin Film Festival.
We can not only see these outstanding films at the Melbourne Film Festival, but also seriously feel the stories behind the creation of these works, and have a deeper understanding of art and culture.


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