The impact of the film festival on Chinese independent films ————From the view of Chinese independent film “Angels Wear White”


In August, I went to watch a Chinese independent film called “Angels Wear White” at the Melbourne International Film Festival. This is the first time I watched the film by attend a film festival, I felt it had a huge difference between watching movies in the cinema. After this, I think the film festival may be the best opportunity for these kind of niche movies to be discovered…MIFF2018_Festival Guide-17

This film was nominated for the “Golden Lion Award” in the main competition at the 74th Venice Film Festival. At the 54th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, it was nominated for the Best Drama of the “Golden Horse Awards”. And also nominated for the best film at the 12th Asian Film Awards. But this film bombed at the box office in China. For the director, his excellent work can only be recognized by a small number of people. And the participation in the film festival changed the fate of his work. The film festival let the public know about the film and spread his ideas to all parts of the world.


The subject of this film is a very sensitive social crime case. It tells the story of sexual assault on minors by senior Chinese officials, and adapted from real events. Presenting such a story on the film screen is undoubtedly made every Chinese people felt heavy. But the director makes the film show on a very subtle perspective, and the restoration of reality has also triggered the audience’s thinking.


As far as my own feelings are concerned, watching this movie at the Melbourne International Film Festival made me feel very touched. I have seen this movie in the online channel before, but watch it again in different environment make me better agree to this film. I think the change in my feeling of the film is caused by the atmosphere of the film festival.


The Melbourne International Film Festival is a mature and large-scale feast. The screening of the film was in a very vintage and old theatre, this makes me feel very ceremonial. Because it was a Chinese movie, I though the local audience will be very few when I buy the ticket. Unexpectedly, the theatre was packed and most of them were Australians. The staff of the Melbourne International Film Festival was on site and every audience present was watching it seriously, no one was talking and everyone expresses respect for the film. At the end of the film, applause was also presented. I have never experienced this situation before, and such praise must be a heartfelt recognition.


I was infected by this atmosphere, watching the movie with the feelings of the protagonist in the movie, and even crying for her. I felt that the film festival gives the soul to a film which make it easily to be recognized.

The picture below is one of the moving scenes in the film.


After the film, I talked to an Australian lady in the neighbourhood about the feeling of this film. She said that she knows China in-depth by this film. Prior to this, her impression of China was only in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, and she said that such profound social problems also existed in Australia. She liked the way the director disclosed the evil reality, and also liked the literary film like this. This shows that the Melbourne International Film Festival helped “Angels Wear White” to gain the recognition of the international audience and also making such a niche movie more exposed.


By: Yuqiu Zhang —- 28996399

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