The impact of Changchun Film Festival on Chinese film industry

The 14th Changchun Film Festival China held in Changchun on 1st – 8th September in the city Changchun, Jilin province, China. The theme of the Film Festival is “New Era, New Cradle, New Power”. This film festival is not only a party of professionals in Chinese filming industry, but it represents the beginning of a new era of Chinese films and professionals in Chinese filming industry. The Film Festival focused on Chinese movie’s  generation and building Chinese movie’s new stDPPbp1hlQjKtBSrGKmIUGQrength.

In my opinion, the meaning of the 14th Changchun Film Festival is more than normal film festival. It means that the related government departments pay attention to the development of Chinese filming industry. I am very glad to see that the 14th Changchun Film Festival focuses on creation among the young generation in the filming industry. Moreover, the aesthetics of Chinese films were discussed during the film festival. Instead of focusing on the achievement has been made in Chinese filming industry, the Changchun Film Festival pay attention to the development of Chinese movie in the new era.

During the 14th Changchun Film Festival, the 1st annual meeting on the aesthetics of Chinese films was held. About 20 scholars and specialists have already attended in the meeting. And they expressed their perspectives about how to present Chinese film on screen. Lu Liang (2018), the chief of the Arts Division of National Film Bureau, said that they are searching for the combination of classic western style and distinctive Chinese culture (, 2018). In this way, he thinks that story telling in the films based on Chinese realities can be promoted to a more advanced level (, 2018). The aesthetics of realistic films were discussed during the meeting. Ding yapping (2018), a researcher at the Chinese National Academy od Arts, believes that Chinese film makers should try their best to meet the latest demands of Chinese audiences and they should also recognize the significance of Chinese culture when they produce a realistic film aesthetic (, 2018). According to Yu Kailiang (2018), a professor of the Renmin University of China, mature and realistic films should use multiple artistic skills. For example, audiences can not only obtain sensational pleasures, but also humanity interpretations and moral reflections. Furthermore, the meeting also discussed the importance of the transformation of aesthetic ideas in commercial films.

From my personal perspective, the film festival on the filming industry does not just provide audiences chances to meet celebrities or watching films, but provide an opportunity to discuss how can film maker can produce more good work in the filming industry. The 14th Changchun Film Festival did it. It is very important for film makers and audiences to learn about the opinions of specialists and scholars. In this way, film makers can film more works which can really meet the demand of audiences, and audiences can understand the films deeply.



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