The future of Chinese Film Festival

The film has the unique role of artistic charm and fashion leading that through time and space. And the film is a vivid face and a cultural card of a country. The film festival is an important bridge and intermediary for the dissemination of culture. And it is strategically important for protecting cultural diversity and promoting economic development. It can also serve as an effective way for the country to export its culture and expand its international influence. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently nearly a thousand film festivals around the world. And the number of film festivals is still growing. The rapid development of the Chinese film market has made China occupy an increasingly important role in the world’s film territory. China is expected to become the world’s largest film market. There will have more prosperous and close relationship between film production, film consumption, cooperation in film and related industries. Focusing on the future development, the Chinese film maker need to adhere the direction of specialization, internationalization, branding. At the same time, they should cultivate and expand the main body of the market. The filmmakers should step in and deepen the reform of the awards, strictly evaluate the procedures, and standardize the operation of the festival. Only by running the film festival well and running an authority and credibility can we better serve the overall situation of the national economy and social development.

The film festival should fully display its own characteristics and form a brand. Because once it becomes a brand, the film festival can accurately express its position or attitude. And continue this unique position and attitude, thus becoming an excellent industry platform for filmmakers. At the same time, the film festival itself can also be profitable through its own branding effect. At present, most of China’s film festivals have problems with unclear positioning. A mature film festival needs to seek its own characteristics on the basis of continuous exploration and comparison, thus forming a superior resource.

Internationally renowned film festivals have their own distinctive features. For example, the Venice International Film Festival focuses on film experimenters from all over the world, which means they focusing on films with novel filming styles and unique film techniques. Artistic has become a unique brand feature of the Venice International Film Festival. The Academy Awards recognize that the social environment, the spirit of the times and the theme are more important than the artistry of the film itself, with a focus on mainstream and non-controversial film types. The famous international film festival has achieved great development due to its unique target positioning and advantageous positioning. And has formed a wide range of international influence and market value. This is where the Chinese Film Festival needs to learn. Domestic film festivals need to balance between internationalization and nationality, globalization and locality, business needs and artistic persistence. At the same time, in order to shape domestic brand and achieve sustainable development for the film festival, they should find out their own uniqueness.

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