The functions of the International Film Festival—part 2

Intermediate dimension: generating demonstration effects and adjusting supply and demand functions

The intermediate dimension examines the commercial function of the film festival from the overall level of the film industry. Through the international film festival awards, screenings, forums, transactions, venture capital, and other links, industry information are frequently exchanged and disseminated, and the professionalism and authority of the film festival make this information have important value after integration, and become a promotion of industrial development and Adjusted wind vane.

First of all, the International Film Festival brings together some of the best international works, the latest technologies, and concepts, and has a certain exemplary effect. Especially in the premise that there is still a technological gap between developed and developing countries, the demonstration effect of the festival can bring about technological spillovers, through exchanges and transactions, in the latest types of shooting equipment, digital projection equipment, post-production effects, high-tech In terms of technical personnel training, the introduction of technology and services from developed countries has promoted the overall production level of the film industry in developing countries.

Second, the film festival has the function of regulating the supply and demand structure within the industry. Films that were screened, shortlisted, and awarded at the festival won a certain popularity due to the brand effect of the festival. The new themes, films, themes, and narratives that appeared at the festival may also contain untapped audiences. Demand, this will become the selling point of future film marketing. The demand side of the film will use this information to adjust and optimize their purchase plan. At the same time, through the difference between the transaction price of various films and the difficulty of reaching a transaction, the supplier of the film can analyze the competitive situation of the market and the willingness of the demand side, and then adjust their production strategies to increase the input of the urgently needed type of film in the industry. , slow down or reduce the production of excess type videos.

Macro dimension: extending the industrial chain and linking related industry functions

The macro dimension is to examine the commercial function of the film festival from the relationship between the film industry and other related industries. The International Film Festival not only covers the traditional film industry chain consisting of production, distribution, and screening but also extends to the fields of finance, legal affairs, agency services, location development, talent brokerage, etc. so that the industrial chain of the film industry is extended and improved.

Due to its high cultural added value, the festival has become an engine for other related industries. It can often form large industrial clusters including transportation, hotels, restaurants, shopping, tourism, performing arts, and networks, increasing employment opportunities and generating huge economies. benefit. Facts have proved that with the establishment of the film trading market and the maturity of the film festival’s profit model, the film festival is increasingly regarded as a new type of economy with unlimited business opportunities. Its industrial value has its own development and brand influence on the film festival itself. To an important decision. For example, the Venice International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world, known as the “father of the International Film Festival”, but it was not until 2012 that the film market was founded. Although it is also an international Class A film festival, its industrial value and The Cannes International Film Festival, which has a history of more than 50 years of film market development, is far behind. In the Venice Film Market in 2013, there were only 201 representatives from the film industry, 14 booths, and more than 20 films were concluded. In the same year, there were more than 11,700 participants in the Cannes Film Market, 5,364 films participated in the transaction, 1,076 film companies arranged 397 booths, and the booths were distributed in the movie theater’s 13,000-square-meter three-story movie market hall and surrounding groups. The committee appointed the hotel. Venice missed the opportunity to build a movie trading market. Today, it is sandwiched between Cannes and Toronto. The fierce competition makes the commercial function of the Venice International Film Festival difficult to fully realize, and its brand influence and economies of scale have been affected.

From the general law of the operation of the International Film Festival, a certain scale of the film trading market and related commercial activities will not only bring unprecedented popularity and brand influence to the film festival, but more importantly, it can support the long-term, stable, and stable film industry of a country. Healthy and sustainable development and progress.

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