The functions of the International Film Festival—part 1

The film festival is an international exhibition event featuring film screening, competition, trading, and venture capital. It is a strong alliance between the convention and exhibition industry and the film industry. As a cultural exhibition, the festival belongs to a branch of the cultural industry, and its development also follows the “two-wheel drive” model of art and business. Among them, art constitutes the core value of film culture, and business constitutes the realization channel of market value. Correspondingly, the functions of the International Film Festival can be divided into two parts: cultural functions and commercial functions. In measuring the success of a film festival, in addition to its own size, the key is to see if it fully exerts these two functions.

From the study of the development history of the film festival, the film festival characterized by independent organizations is not only the protector of the film art but also the promoter of the film industry. Since the 1980s, the film festival phenomenon has been thoroughly professionalized. And industrialization. The commercial function of the festival has become more prominent with the development of history. The commercial function of the festival is mainly derived from the film trading market opened by the festival and the commercial activities derived from the main activity unit of the festival. Specifically, the commercial function of the film festival can be developed and embodied from the three dimensions of micro, medium and macro.

Microscopic dimension: incubation and trading functions of film projects

The micro dimension is to examine the commercial function of the film festival from the level of filmmakers and film companies. The International Film Festival is an efficient information exchange and resource distribution center in time and space. Through its project venture platform, pre-sale mechanism, movie trading market and other commercial activities, it provides a financing for film projects from all over the world. Commercial operation system of negotiation, project incubation, publicity and distribution, copyright and factor trading.

First of all, the International Film Festival played the role of an excellent film incubator. For filmmakers who lack funds, with good themes and ideas, they may solve the funding problem to a certain extent by applying for funds or pre-sales during the film festival, so that the film can be born smoothly and go to the audience. At the same time, with the opportunity of fund application and pre-sale of the program to appear at the International Film Festival, it can also attract the attention of the international market, play a certain propaganda effect, and create a reputation for the future distribution of the film.

Secondly, the International Film Festival plays an important “window role”, “creating a symbolic and reputable capital to make a profit through a series of added value in several media”.

The International Film Festival is often the first stop for all kinds of films to enter the market, and it has become a “knock-knock” to open up various value realization channels. The International Film Festival often has strict standards in the film selection. The film that is recorded in the film festival not only represents the world’s advanced level in art, but also avoids sensitive issues such as politics, ethnicity, and violence in the theme and content. Therefore, the authority and professionalism of the International Film Festival provide an important guarantee for buyers and sellers. At the same time, during the film festival, professionals and enterprises in various fields of the film and television industry gathered at a high density, which can produce economies of scale, greatly reduce transaction costs of all parties, and improve the effectiveness of communication and the success rate of transactions.


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