The First Internation Film Festival in XiNing City

The FIRST International Film Festival is an annual international film event held in Xining City, Qinghai Province, China in July. It is organized by the Xining Municipal People’s Government and the China Film Critics Society. FIRST Youth Film Festival is dedicated to finding talented young filmmakers and the aim is to revitalize realism film, film culture exchanges, and input fresh blood for the mainstream film industry. The film has a unique role of artistic charm and fashion leading through time and space, and the film festival as a platform-type existence, to some extent, is an elegant space for people to show film culture and release imagination. The FIRST Film Festival is a text field that examines the creative strategies of contemporary Chinese young directors. It reflects the real-world concerns of the current Chinese art film. It could be divided into ten parts: Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, and Best Performer, Best Artistic Originality and Spirit of Freedom; Best Documentary and Best Short Film; Grand Jury Prize- Feature Film, Grand Jury Prize- Short Film as well as Special Mention.


Since 2006, FIRST has continued to introduce valuable new directors to the industry, and these new faces continue to bring a surprise to the film industry. The number of registered guests of this year’s First Film Festival has reached more than 1,900, including well-known directors, actors, and industry professionals. Different regions and cities, diverse cultural contexts, and different image explorations make us feel the sharpness, tenderness and freshness and power of the film. At the same time, as a communication platform for film culture, advocating youth film culture to speak in contemporary life is essential for the world film industry. It provides multiple samples of Chinese youth movies in the formation mechanism of contemporary film history. Some of the films that have won awards at the First Film Festival or those that have received good reviews have appeared at other international film festivals and are moving towards a larger number of audiences. This year’s film, “An Elephant Sitting Still”, which won the Best Debut Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, is the opening film of the FIRST International Film Festival. The film “Suburban Birds” has owned the Best Narrative Feature is also confirmed to be a finalist in the Locarno International Film Festival.

On the other hands, the development of First has promoted the development of the regional economy. The exhibition of industrial sites set up in 2017 has already reached the Galaxy Studios from the VIP Hall of WanDa Plaza. The number of seats has been increased by nearly 20 or 30 to almost 100. Even though increasing seat capacity, many popular films are still sold out and without any seats. According to the report of government, the majority audience resources of the FIRST International Film Festival are from all over China and the local audience in Xining may only account for 30%-40%. This year, there are more than 1,900 guests registered on FIRST, which will certainly drive regional economic growth and tourism development to a certain extent. Depending on the price of Hotels in XiNing City in the high season, the price of a hotel like ‘Home Inn’ is more than 500 Yuan per day. The film festival will drive people’s irrational consumption. Whether it is fast consumption or cultural spiritual consumption, it is a big tourist income.

writer: ShiWei Zhang

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