The Current Situation and Problems of Chinese University Student Film Festival


Government assistance

In the process of holding the University Student Film Festival, the government plays the role of promoter. The government’s strong support and careful care is one of the key reasons for the long-term development of film energy saving. The government takes advantage of the opportunity of the University Student Film Festival to realize the transformation of its administrative functions and actively pave a convenient way for the cultural construction of colleges and universities. The affirmation and support from the government’s cultural departments have played a vital role in the start-up, financing, promotion and cooperation of the Jiangnan Film Festival for College Students. The Propaganda Department of the government should increase the media input and report the activities of the Jiangnan Film Festival in an all-round and timely manner, which can effectively enlarge the social benefits of the festival, effectively publicize the concept of the festival activities, and enable the festival to settle in Colleges and universities faster and better.


Breaking administrative barriers and opening intercollegiate exchanges

In addition to the support of the government, the hosting of the film festival for college students needs the support of the main body of the activity – universities. According to the College Student Film Festival I contacted, there are some obstacles in the coordination of activities among colleges and universities. To hold the Jiangnan Film Festival for College Students, we must solve the problem of coordination and break through the obstacles of information synchronization in the co-sponsored schools. Colleges and universities should maintain consistency in the schedule of activities, media publicity and social financing. At the same time, they should help each other in the selection and evaluation of films, unify the evaluation process and rules, and work together to create a film festival forcollege students.

Capital and equipment support

Every college student has a dream in his heart. He is eager to have his own movies. However, the reality restricts the development of college students’ movies. Many college students with film enthusiasm will face the shortage of equipment, funds and technology. The prosperity of those films and the development of College Students’ film festivals must solve the problems faced by college students in film making from the mechanism. The introduction of social funds to participate in the shooting of movies, the use of the most popular micro-film marketing means to cooperate with enterprises, without affecting film shooting to achieve a win-win situation. Colleges and universities should establish a convenient mechanism to open and manage shooting equipment without affecting teaching, improve the equipment lending system, and let idle equipment play its greatest role.

Talent support program

Movies from university students are becoming more and more popular, but they can not become the mainstream of the industry and can not be recognized by colleges and universities for quite a long time. The reason is that a large part of the limitations of the film itself. College student movies are mostly students because of their directors, writers, actors, post-producers and so on. They are slightly immature in the whole film processing. Therefore, training a large number of film related talents is one of the core tasks of College Students’ movies.

The key to cultivating film talents lies in straightening out the relationship between universities and students, respecting, supporting and encouraging the development of film talents, formulating and implementing policies to support film talents, and ensuring the initiative of innovation and development of film talents systematically. College teachers should encourage students to shoot after class, guide and participate in shooting practice, improve students’ film shooting skills and level, and cultivate students’ long-term film hobbies.



Widening the channels for promoting original works

There are many excellent works in thosemovies, but few of them are well-known. Some films with good reputation are not recognized by the market. In conclusion, the author believes that the work of the introduction channel is too narrow caused by the embarrassing situation, a lot of film production after completion, do not know where to send, to whom, in the course of the film took a lot of detours can not achieve the desired results. We should build the original film exhibition platform for college students from the national and social levels, so that more excellent works can enter the society and be recognized by the public.


Base on campus brand

University Student Film Festival must stick to its own characteristics in the process of its own development – based on the campus, connecting the community. Film festivals should play the role of intermediary between universities and society, based on the campus, mobilize the enthusiasm of college students to participate in, and promote the campus film and television to the community. Connecting the society means introducing mature film-making concepts and techniques into the campus to improve the quality of films.

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