The Best Movie and Best Actor Award at the 14th Changchun Film Festival

At the end of the 14th Changchun Film Festival, the film “Dying to Survive” which is directed by Wen Muye won the Golden Deer Award for Best Movie. This film is a 2018 Chinese comedy-drama film. The film is based on the real-life story of Lu Yong who suffered from leukaemia. Lu Yong smuggled cheap but unproven cancer medicine from India for 1000 Chinese cancer patients in 2004, because the legal medicine is too expensive to afford among cancer sufferers. This movie has had a positive impact on the society. The lead role Xu Zheng is also the co-producer with Ning Hao. This movie has already triggered the discussion about the cost of medical care among Chinese people. Even Chinese Premier Li Keqiang cited the movie to appeal regulators to cut down the price of cancer drugs and reduce the burden on families.


Dying to Survive won seven nominations at 14th Changchun Film Festival The lead role Xu Zheng won the Golden Deer Award for Best Actor. During his award speech, he said that the award does not only encourage himself, but also allows the entire film industry to see more hopes and possibilities. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to all the staff and co-actors of Dying to Survive. He also expressed that he would try his best to make more works which is responsible for society. Finally, he used his phrase “The spring of good actors has already arrived” to express his expectations of Chinese filming industry.


The Golden Deer Award of the Changchun Film Festival gives me a chance to think about the meaning of the rating of films. And I also thinking of what is good movie like and who can be a good actor. Before the 14th Changchun Film Festival, I thought that the Best Movie Awards are just based on the box office and reputations of the movies. But now I realized that one movie which can won the Best Movie Awards is based on what significance it can bring to audiences and society. Dying to Survive let me know that a good movie has important impact on society. For example, it can trigger discussion about a social phenomenon among public. Sometimes, it also can speed up social society. Dying to Survive focuses on the medicine care among Chinese people and its meaning is more than the movie itself. Besides, the Golden Deer Award for Best Actor let me think about what kind of actors are needed in the Chinese film industry. The Chinese film industry needs actors who can perform the character from different perspective. The Best Actor Award provides a role model among Chinese actors, and also encourages all professionals in Chinese film industry. Plus, these awards provide a development direction of Chinese film industry.


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