The Beijing International Film Festival


The film festival is a high-end format in which the film industry has developed to a certain extent. The film festivals throughout Asia started very late. The Hong Kong Film Festival was founded in 1977; the Tokyo Film Festival was founded in 1985, Shanghai and Busan started the film festival in the 1990s. The Beijing International Film Festival has achieved rapid development, which is inseparable from Beijing’s abundant resources.


The Beijing International Film Festival is a business agenda and a help-style film festival. It pays more attention to the market value of the film and pays less attention to the value of the film art. It is related to the government nature of the organizer, and the strong market demand of Beijing’s film industry is relevant as well. Liang Ge, deputy director of the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, stressed in his opening speech in 2016: “(Beijing International) Film Festival, especially the film market unit, is an important platform for exchanges between domestic and foreign film industry, and is to make more international Peers understand Chinese movies and understand the important window of the development of China’s film industry.”



The Beijing International Film Festival aims to integrate domestic and international film resources, to build an exchange trading platform, and to build a famous cultural brand with international level, Chinese characteristics, and the Beijing style together. Making it a critical cultural activity for building a world city in Beijing and creating an Asian film and television. The core activities of the city. The film festivals play a role in promoting the image of the city, but it is based on the fact that the film festival has indeed become a platform for functional interaction between stars, film and television practitioners, fans and citizens.


However,There are some notable problems at the Beijing Film Festival. For example, the theme of the competition unit is weak, and the positioning is not precise enough. The Beijing International Film Festival faces the contradiction of cultural subjectivity. The design of the screening unit is not consistent with the cultural traditions and ideology of Chinese films, which also brings about the contradiction of the selection. For example, the Sydney Film Festival is an independent film outside the mainstream film industry. The Transitions Film Festival promotes creative, cutting-edge ideas, HRAFF (Human Rights Arts & Film Festival inspired to think about human rights issues. However, Beijing International Film Festival Film Competition in the unit, the mature director and the new director are not competing. The mature director has obtained enough affirmation, and the film is not fresh for the audience, which may lead to the decline of the visibility of the competition unit.


Secondly, the conventional sense of the festival remains at the opening and closing ceremonies. The lack of film festival experience in the wheel screening show, the opening short film did not appear at the beginning of the wheel screening show film, it makes even more people think that Beijing International Film Festival is just a daily ticket movie, not a film festival product.





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