The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival


This year, FIAPF newly established the Film Festival Committee. The Shanghai International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival has become the only two members directly designated by FIAPF, which will establish the authority of the Shanghai International Film Festival in the world movie industry. The status also reflects the increasing influence of Shanghai’s international culture.

As of June 3, the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival’s film collection received 3,447 films from 108 countries and regions; there is an increase of 919 compared to the previous session. The number has increased by 36.3%, which is a highlight of the professionalism, fairness, and authority that the Shanghai International Film Festival has always adhered to. As one of the only two A-level film festivals in Asia, the Shanghai Film Festival is continually seeking new changes and outlets, and it has also caused mixed comments. Although some senior filmmakers pointed out that the Shanghai International Film Festival features are not clear enough, it lacks a professional filmmaker system, due to the identity of the international A-type film festival, the level of the participating films is also uneven, but its “international color” is still considerable.


Looking at the materials of the previous Shanghai Film Festival, I found that SIFF has a relatively large “international” posture from its beginning. There is a considerable quota of internationally renowned film award judges among the judges, and new foreign faces often occupy the important awards, such as actresses, best films, best directors, etc., Chinese actors or Chinese films do not have much “home court advantage.” The chairman of the jury of the Golden Jubilee Award also has a trend from “domestic” to “international.”

SIFF has now become a hot topic and attracted widespread attention. China is changing steadily from a country with a large number of film productions to a country with high-quality film production. During the film festival, there are also activities held,such as the Asian New Talent Award, SIFF Project, Film Project, and Project Launch. Besides, the “Shanghai Film and Television Shooting Guide,” “Songjiang High-Tech Film City,” “Internet Summit” and other press conferences introduced Shanghai’s Chinese and foreign film shooting, setting, and cooperation service policies, which attracted significant attention from many film festival guests.


Although the Shanghai International Film Festival is in a pivotal position in Asian film festival field, there are still several aspects that need to be strengthened and improved compared with internationally renowned film festivals, especially regarding the “Shanghai Culture” brand. As one of the three major European film festivals, the Cannes International Film Festival, founded in 1939, can be seen as the goal of the Shanghai International Film Festival. Cannes International Film Festival is one of the most influential and top international film festivals in the world because of its most capable trading platform. It has always won international reputation with art supremacy, strict selection criteria and quality of festivals. Bringing high cultural value added and artistic prestige to Cannes,

However, the Shanghai Film Festival is one of the fewest festival activities which wound with negative news in the country, and it is indeed doing something to promote the development of Chinese film. Especially in the past two years, the Shanghai International Film Festival has explored a new look with a series of transformations. The most important measure is the establishment of a Chinese film project venture capital and co-production project negotiation.




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