Some thoughts about film festivals in china

The film festival was born on August 6, 1932. It is an activity to reward valuable and creative films, promote exchanges and cooperation between filmmakers, and provide convenient development for the development of film trade. The film festival has an important role to play in promoting the promotion of a national film. The first-class international film festival can attract world-class works and create internationally renowned stars. However, the concept of the film festival started late in China, and there are a lot of shortcomings.

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Firstly, the problem is the formal of film festivals. In the Chinese Film Festival, it seems that the films are not the most important part, but the stars are the focus instead. Many actors who go on the red carpet just want to increase their exposure, and some even haven’t have movies at all. In contrast, at the Toronto Film Festival, when the film is released, all the film selection members and stars sit with audiences, because they want to see the audience’s reaction to the movie. This is the meaning of a film festival.


Secondly, it has little international influence. The Chinese Film Festival has a low profile internationally. As the most well-known international film festivals in China, namely Shanghai International Film Festival, the Beijing International Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival, their influence has been far less than the international status of these cities themselves. In comparison, the three major film festivals in Europe have a clear positioning and distinctive styles. Every year, among those for Cannes, there are 4,000-5,000 journalists in Venice, and half of them are overseas journalists. Yet there are probably only a few dozen foreign media attending Chinese international film festival. This shows that the Chinese international film festival is at an awkward stage seeking for survival right now.


Finally, it is the problem of over-commercialization of the films .With the development of the economy, Chinese film industry is also booming. While the box office of the films is growing rapidly, it also brings the problem of over-commercialization of Chinese films. Many films are with vulgar plots, rough production, as well as all kinds of advertising implants. However, as long as it has good pre-hype marketing and powerful star cast, it is not a problem for its box office to surpass 100 million yuan. This situation can be seen everywhere in today’s film market. For many films, half of their production costs are used for propaganda and issuance rather than for the films themselves. At the same time, the film selection of the film festival is also affected by the box office to some degree. Only many films with high box office can enter the competition, while some small mass films have got little attention.


A good movie not only affects the filmmakers, but also has a profound influence on the audience. The film festival, as a platform for the film’s dissemination, can help the industry find excellent filmmakers and also let more audiences know the charm of the film. Chinese film industry is slowly developing and there is still a long way to go.

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