Shanghai International Film Festival – the road of China cultural exports. 

by Jin Wang

Shanghai International Film Festival(SIFF) is one of the first  15 international A-class film festivals in the world which are recognized by the International Film Producers Association. It has launched a “The Belt and Road”  by signing a strategic cooperation agreement and exchange and cooperation mechanism. The exhibition mechanism has continuously expanded the scope of cooperation and promoted the cooperation of film festivals and film institutions in more and more countries. And it circuit not less than 10 countries to tour each year. In addition to recommending film screenings and implementing exhibition projects, filmmakers and film companies will be recommended to participate in national film festivals in depth, and further enhance the friendship and cooperation of film culture to enhance mutual friendship.

The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) newly launched “The Belt and Road” film tour mechanism is conducive to promoting the film culture characteristics of various countries, confessing the desire for mutual exchange and cooperation, and depicting the blueprint for future common development. The “The Belt and Road” film tour mechanism will promote film, filmmakers and film companies in the countries where the film festival alliance is signed, and participate in film festivals and film markets in various countries by film screening and exhibition.

These recommended films reflect the true features of contemporary Chinese society and help audiences feel the Chinese spirit and understand Chinese culture. The implementation of the film tour mechanism not only promoted the film culture exchange between countries, but also promoted the film festivals of various countries to enrich the resources of the film collection and enriched the diverse themes of competition and exhibition.


The 21st Shanghai International Film Festival The Belt and Road Film night

As a beneficiary of The Belt and Road film tour mechanism, “The Wind Guardians” was invited to participate in the Venice Film Festival and successfully contributed to local cultural output and transnational cultural exchanges.


The ” The Wind Guardians ” is full of rich oriental elements, whether it is visual, auditory or emotional. Director Liu Kuo said: This is a pure Chinese animated film. From clothing to architectural style, even the monsters in the movie are full of oriental aesthetics; the film music is mainly based on folk music. The Chinese beauty of this animated film is mainly composed of Chinese traditional instruments such as Pipa and Erhu.

In addition to audiovisual, the introverted and affectionate Eastern sentiments expressed in ” The Wind Guardians ” enable people to understand and understand Chinese traditional culture.

I truly believe The China Film Festival will become the main force in the export of Chinese culture. I hope that through more excellent film and film festivals, will become as a power to contribute promotion of Chinese traditional culture.


source: (SIFF official website )



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